Ace Team is the first Quest in the first Chapter in the Story Event Waning Moon.

It is succeeded by Cosmic Awareness.



  • The Collector: "Quiet down, you louts! It is a mystery how either of you qualified for The Contest at all! Summoner! Good, you're FINALLY here. I can no longer tolerate these two and their bickering."
  • Spider-Man Black Suit: "The Summoner, huh? I've heard of you. Try to ignore Deadpool. He's, uh, "unique"."
  • Deadpool X-Force: "Oooh, Player 1 finally made it to the latest quest, huh? Hope you wore your fightin' pants!"
  • The Collector: "I was... originally... going to oversee a mission that these two are well-equipped for. But I believe this task would better fall to you. You are more patient, and I am beginning to believe these buffoons are below me."
  • Deadpool X-Force: "The Summoner has joined the party!"
  • Spider-Man Black Suit: "*sigh* ... I'll fill in you, Summoner. Let's go."

—Upon starting the Quest

  • Deadpool X-Force: "Hmm. This looks like a good spot for some exposition, hey guys? Maybe some objectives on your HUD? Mission parameters? A briefing? A whole burri--"
  • Spider-Man Black Suit: "This won't stop, not for a while. I'll just talk over him. The Collector wants us to capture Moon Knight. He's unpredictable and super cagey. And I guess that Old-Man-ISO figured that by putting a "cagey" guy and an "unpredictable" guy on the case, he'd solve his problem somehow. Probably not his most sound plan."
  • Deadpool X-Force: " inventory management screen? Catalyst drop rate values? Hey, where are you guys going?!"

—Before fighting Storm, Doctor Strange, or Hulkbuster

  • Spider-Man Black Suit: "We don't know exactly what he's got going on..."
  • Deadpool X-Force: "But the dude has a serious Champion set. Totally jacked them from the Collector. (4 Stars, man! I think he even ranked them up!!)"
  • Spider-Man Black Suit: "What Deadpool MEANS is that he's a tough customer himself, and stole from the Collector after he made his escape to cover his tracks. It'll be a rough road ahead. I'll do what I can to help. As for Deadpool--what are you even doing to help?"
  • Deadpool X-Force: "Provide witty repartee; what else could I do in this position? Join the fight? This is a 1v1 game, Spidey."
  • Spider-Man Black Suit: "What is WRONG with you?!"

—Before fighting Electro


Item Quantity
Tier 3 Basic ISO-8 1
Units 5
Premium Hero Crystal Shard 250

Item Quantity
Tier 3 Basic ISO-8 2
Units 10
4-Star Crystal Shard 10


  • The map for this Quest looks like a crescent moon, fitting given the Moon Knight theme of this Story Event.
Waning Moon
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