Adaptoid Scramble is the second Event Quest in the second Chapter in the Story Event Mystery in the Microrealms.

It is preceded by The Microrealms and succeeded by Arthropod Attack.



"This Battlerealm is something else, huh? A weird mish-mash of heroes and monsters, from all over time and space! If I wasn't a guy who could shrink down to hilariously small sizes, I'd think it was a little ridiculous."

"I mean I'm not really not that weird. At my core I'm just a dad. A pretty good one, if I do say so myself! Aside from the breaking. And entering. And stealing."

"Speaking of weirdos, looks like we got one ahead. Who's this tin can?"
"I don't know where you get off talking trash on ME, little man. But Tony Stark is about to give you the beatdown you deserve!"
"Alright. This one is my fault, I can accept that--but I think you're better equipped to take this guy!"
Ant-Man and Superior Iron Man[src]


  1. Iron Man and Daredevil are listed here as you must fight them if you go on the path branches with Gates.


Mystery in the Microrealms
Chapter Quests
A Tiny Issue 1. Summoner's Call
2. A Strange Secret
3. The Ant-Man Plan
Enter Yellowjacket 1. The Microrealms
2. Adaptoid Scramble
3. Arthropod Attack
A Big Problem 1. Buried Deep
2. ISO Intrigue
3. Bug Brawl
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