Alchemy is an ability.


  • A master alchemist, Diablo begins each Quest with a selection of Concoctions ready to be brewed. Throwing Light Attacks allows Diablo to switch which Concoction to brew. By finishing a combo with a Medium attack, Diablo begins brewing the selected Concoction.
  • Once the Concoction has Brewed for 3 seconds, Diablo may dash back and hold block for 1.2 seconds to drink it. A new Concoction can’t be brewed until the first is consumed.
  • If Diablo drinks a Concoction while the matching Concoction effect is still active, he instead Poisons himself, dealing 731 direct damage over 8 seconds and reducing healing effects by 30%.



For 12 seconds, attacks deal a burst of additional Energy Damage equal to 55% of the damage dealt plus an additional 20% for each Buff the opponent has.


Gain 110% of a bar of Power over 12 seconds and allow basic attacks a 25% chance to Nullify for that duration.


Recover 848 Health when consumed and increases Regeneration rate by 25% for 12 seconds.


Gain +957 attack and Stun Immunity for 12 seconds.

List of Champions with Alchemy


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