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An Alliance is a group of Summoners. Alliances are created for Units.png100, and can compete in Alliance Events, Alliance Quests, and Alliance Wars. A soon-to-be-added feature is Bases, which are parts of the Battlerealm conquered by the Alliance.

There are three ranks in an Alliance: Leader, Officer, and Member. In most cases, the Leader is the one who created the Alliance; Leaders cannot be kicked, but if they leave the Alliance, then an Officer becomes Leader through unknown measures (the Leader can also promote an Officer to be Leader, although the old Leader will be demoted to Officer). The Leader can promote others to the rank of Officer, though a maximum of two Officers may exist at any given time. Any other member of the Alliance who is not Leader or an Officer is referred to as just a Member.

Many players are notorious for jumping from one Alliance to another in order to get the Crystal that players get for joining an Alliance. Additionally, players are notorious for joining large Alliances and contributing little, as rewards from Alliance Events are rewarded to all players who contributed points to that Event.

Growing a new alliance is difficult, as recruitment is competitive. To join an Alliance, you can go to the 'Alliance' tab and scroll through the recommended options, or you can go to the global chat. The global chat frequently has leaders and officers looking to recruit new members.

If you are not in an Alliance, you cannot access Alliance Chat, nor can you purchase the Alliance Crystal.



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