An Unlikely Ally is the first Quest in the first Chapter in the Story Event Polar Opposites.

It is succeeded by Borrowed Power.



"... --Ah, Summoner. Apologies for my being lost in thought. Some... troubling developments have occurred recently in the Battlerealm, and I am pondering them. In fact... hmm... yes, you may be able to help me with this. It should be a suitable task for someone of your capabilities. Come with me. While we were distracted with Ant-Man's little caper through the Battlerealm, an intruder forced his way in. Presumably you know of him: Magneto, the Master of Magnetism. Leader of the Brotherhood of Mutants, and an Omega-class mutant himself. Few are powerful enough to simply force their way into the Battlerealm. He is one of those few. But, I have an ally to assist you in apprehending him. Likely one of the few who could match his power. To find him, I had to break the bonds of reality itself and reach deep into an alternate timeline. Please, say hello to... Magneto."
"Greetings, Summoner. I can explain in detail later; we have a... well, you-know-who, to catch. Follow me."
The Collector and Magneto (Marvel Now)[src]


"It is as Taneleer Tivan says. I am from an alternate universe. The multiverse is a curious thing, Summoner. Small changes branch infinite possibilities, infinite worlds; similar, but separate. In many timelines, Magneto is a dangerous and cunning leader of mutants who sees humans as weak, infantile creatures, and mutants as humanity's next step in evolution. But in some realities, he is more... tempered. Prone to thought, rather than action. He perceives his power as, perhaps, a responsibility to protect those weaker than he. I only hope we can teach THIS version of myself some of that understanding."
Magneto (Marvel Now)[src]


"You seem to be as capable as the Collector implied, Summoner. You are a natural leader for your Champions. I feel you will need these skills in the time ahead--not only in dealing with my alternate self, but in what may come. We will need to be careful in the areas ahead. I have been told that he has leveraged abandoned Champion crystals left behind by Ultron and used his powers to free them. As such, I ask that I test your capabilities. The Collector trusts your skills, and I have seen some potential... though I desire first-hand knowledge! Have at you!"
Magneto (Marvel Now)[src]


Item Quantity
Tier 3 Basic ISO-8 1
Units 5
Premium Hero Crystal Shard 250

Item Quantity
Tier 3 Basic ISO-8 2
Units 10
4-Star Crystal Shard 10


Polar Opposites
Chapter Quests
Wisdom 1. An Unlikely Ally
2. Borrowed Power
Power 1. Motivations
2. The Other Side
Courage 1. Magnetic Mastery
2. A Coalition
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