A Beacon is an item that can only be purchased from the Store with special resource items.

  • The first beacon could be purchased with 1 Raw Elements.
  • The second beacon could be purchased with 1 Antimatter.
  • The third beacon could be acquired on the 14th day of the June Daily Login Calendar.
  • The fourth and final beacon could be acquired the 14th day of the November Daily Login Calendar.

There are four beacons that can be aqcuired throughout the year. The first beacon needed to be purchased before February 11, 10:00 AM PST 2019. If the beacon is not acquired the Summoner cannot participate in the year-long event.

After purchasing/activating the first beacon a message was sent explaning that there are three more beacons that will be made available. And collecting them all will weild a special selection of Profile Pic Rewards at the end of the year.

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