Blood and Venom is a Story Event.


Something dark stirs in the Battlerealm. Will you and the Collector's new agent bring the light, or be devoured by shadow?

List of Quests


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  • La Fleur du Mal translates from French as The Flower of Evil.
  • La Route Sombre translates from French as The Dark Road.
  • This Story Event introduces Guillotine, Venom and Symbioids.
  • For the first time, Beginner, Normal and Heroic difficulties are introduced with different rewards for each.
Blood and Venom
Chapter Quests
Clad in Crimson 1. La Fleur du Mal
2. La Route Sombre
Meta Morphosis 1. Midnight Hounds
2. Underground Blade
Entombed in Black 1. Shadow Army
2. Dark Words
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