Buff Randomizer

Buff Randomizer

Buff Randomizer is an item that can be used to reroll random active buffs on the opponent in the Occult Labs, Sinister Labs and The Island of Dr. M.O.D.O.K. events.

For the Occult Labs these randomizers could be aquired or purchased in several ways:

  • 8x in a welcome message on October 3rd, when Occult Lab goes live.
  • 8x per day in the Game Store for 2500 Gold each.
  • A quest chest with 1 or 2 that can be claimed with every successful completion of an Occult Lab (4x per 24 hours, maximum).

For Sinister Labs they could be obtained through the Sinister Labs Event Login Calendar, by completing certain Solo Objectives and as rewards for completing the Sinister Labs quest.

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