The Calendar is a way for players to earn rewards for logging in every day. There is a minimum of two active calendars at any given time, although special calendars exist. The Calendar was added in Update 10.0, with the Weekly Calendar debuting instantly and the Monthly Calendar debuting on September 1, 2016.[1]

List of Calendars

Weekly Calendar

The weekly calendar has rewards for logging in every day for one week, after which the calendar resets. The rewards are the same for each calendar.


Day Reward
Day 1 Premium Hero Crystal Shards 25
Day 2 Premium Hero Crystal Shards 50
Day 3 Premium Hero Crystal Shards 100
Day 4 Premium Hero Crystal Shards 175
Day 5 Premium Hero Crystal Shards 275
Day 6 Premium Hero Crystal Shards 375
Day 7 Premium Hero Crystal Shards 1000

Monthly Calendar

The monthly calendar has rewards for logging in every day for one month; however, it only extends to Day 28. The monthly calendar has a Featured Champion that you can get on the 28th day if you log in every day beforehand. If you get the Featured Champion, you receive a Login Crystal, which guarantees a Tier 3 or 4 Featured Champion.


Day Reward
Day 1 Gold1000
Day 2 Level 1 Revive
Day 3 Gold1000
Day 4 Tier 2 Basic Catalyst
Day 5 Gold1000
Day 6 Units10
Day 7 Crystal Shard Crystal
Day 8 Gold2000
Day 9 Energy Refill
Day 10 Gold2000
Day 11 Tier 3 Basic Catalyst
Day 12 Gold2000
Day 13 Units20
Day 14 2x Crystal Shard Crystal
Day 15 Golden Crystal
Day 16 Level 2 Revive
Day 17 Golden Crystal
Day 18 Tier 3 Class Catalyst Crystal
Day 19 Golden Crystal
Day 20 Units30
Day 21 3x Crystal Shard Crystal
Day 22 2x Golden Crystal
Day 23 Level 2 Team Revive
Day 24 2x Golden Crystal
Day 25 5x Level 5 Health Potion[2]
Day 26 2x Golden Crystal
Day 27 Units40
Day 28 Featured Champion

Featured Champion

Main article: Featured Champion.

Special Calendars

Halloween Calendar

Main article: Halloween Calendar.

The Halloween Calendar was a brief calendar to celebrate Halloween in 2016. The final reward was given out on Halloween.


  1. Kabam Forums VERSION 10.0.0 RELEASE NOTES. Kabam Forums. August 16, 2016.
  2. Until you claim the reward for Day 25, the reward is shown as simply ?.


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