Boost Items

Boost Items provide temporary Buffs to your Champions. While you can apply multiple Boosters to your Account, you will not be able to activate more than ONE Boost of each kind at a time.

For example, if you activate a +10% Lesser Attack Boost, you will not be able to add another 10-15-20% on top of it. If you choose to activate a new Attack Boost, it will replace the previous one.

These items can be obtained in the Shop, from Crystals, and as Event Rewards.

Standard Boosts

The following boosts apply to all Champions, regardless of your mode of game-play, until their duration expires.

Boost Image Effect
Health Health Boosts Temporarily boosts the maximum Health of your Champions by a percentage.
Attack Attack Boosts Temporarily boosts the Attack of your Champions by a percentage.
Champion Champion Boosts Temporarily boosts the Attack and the maximum Health of your Champions by a percentage.
XP Experience Boosts Temporarily boosts the Summoner XP by a percentage.

Arena Boosts

These boosts increase the amount of points that you receive when fighting in the arena, but are specific to a single Champion.

Boost Image Effect
Arena Point Boosters Arena Point Boosters Temporarily applies a Point Boost to a specific Champion of the Class of your Booster. This Champion will yield Bonus Points when winning Arena fights.

These Items are only available for 3 Star (x1.5) and 4 Star (x1.3) Champions.

Alliance War Boosts

These boosts are only available to Champions during Alliance Wars. They cannot be used in any other mode of game-play.

Boost Image Effect
Advanced Power Start Advanced Power Boosts will allow you to start a fight with 1 Bar of Power already stored.
Combat Regeneration Combat Regeneration Boost This boost allows your Champion to start a fight with a Regeneration Buff that will grant you 15% of your Maximum health over 20 Seconds. This regeneration cannot be nullified, but is still affected by Heal Block Nodes and Abilities. This is a Passive Regeneration and is not affected by Masteries or Abilities that would extend the length or Potency of the Regeneration (Ie. Recovery, or Doctor Voodoo’s Signature Ability)
Defense Defense Boosts Temporarily reduces the amount of incoming damage from every third Special Attack used against all of your Champions.
Invulnerability Invulnerability Boost This boost will allow your Champion to take no damage from the first 3 hits they receive in a fight. Remember, Special 3 attacks only count as 1 hit!

Class-Specific Boosts

These boosts provide special benefits to all Champions of one specific class for their duration.

Boost Image Effect
Power Boosters Power Boosters Lesser and Normal Power Boosters are available in the Store, under “Loyalty”. These Boosts will rotate every 24 hrs. Greater  Power Boosters are available as a drop from AvA Crystals.

Effect: The Special Attacks 2 and 3 of your Hero will restore up to the specified percentage of the Power Meter based on the damage they deal. This Boost is only compatible with Champions of the same Class of the item, and will have no effect on enemy Heroes with a Class advantage.
Specials Boosters Specials Boosters Temporarily boosts the Special Attack Damage of your Champion by the specified percentage. This Boost is only compatible with Champions of the same Class of the item, and will have no effect on enemy Heroes with a Class advantage.

Event Boosts

The following boosts can only be used for a limited time in specific Special Events.

Boost Image Effect
Stun The Power Of Love Boost The Power Of Love: Whenever the Defender triggers Indestructible from "Head Over Heals"[† 1] they are passively Stunned for 4 seconds. Only for use in the "Love is a Battlerealm 3 II" Event Quest.


  1. Head Over Heals is a Global Buff. This buff will require you to finish your fights with a heavy attack as the killing blow.
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