Concussion is an ability.


Concussion reduces the opponent's Ability Accuracy by X%.

Champion How to get  % Reduction Duration
Wasp portrait Special 1 1% per hit in Combo Meter 8 seconds
Quake portrait Heavy attack
when at least 4 Aftershocks expire or after using a Special 2
100% while charging
5 seconds
Karnak portrait Special 3 80% 40 seconds
Luke Cage portrait Special 2 25% per exhaustion debuff on the opponent 13 seconds

List of Champions with Concussion


  • Note: Karnak's is not called a concussion in game, but it acts as one, albeit only reducing the opponent's defensive ability accuracy.
  • Luke Cage did not have a Concussion ability until Kabam did add it in their overhaul of the champion in Update 17.0


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