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"The Cosmic champions. Heroes from Earth's galaxy and beyond! Few can comprehend their strange and alien abilities! I find they bring a certain unique charm to the Contest. Don't you?"
The Collector[src]

Cosmic is one of six Champion Classes. It has a Class Bonus against Tech, but is weak to Mystic and Combined.


Characters in the Cosmic class are generally characters that come from space or other realms. However, some Cosmic characters were experimented on by species from outer space.

Class Bonus

  • The status effects of Cosmic Champions are effective at bypassing the resistances of Tech Champions.
  • Many Mystic Champions are able to remove the status effects created by Cosmic Champions.
  • Cosmic, as with all other Classes, are weak to the Combined Class.

List of Cosmic Champions

See the associated category: Cosmic.


  • Cosmic has the highest number of Champions, with 26.


Cosmic.png List of Cosmic Champions Cosmic.png

Playable: Air-WalkerAngelaAnnihilusBlack BoltCaptain MarvelCaptain Marvel (Classic)Carnage (Pre-Update) ● Corvus GlaiveCosmic Ghost RiderCull ObsidianDraxGamoraGrootHeimdallHelaHerculesHyperionKing GrootMedusaMs. MarvelMs. Marvel (Kamala Khan)) ● NovaOdinPhoenixProxima MidnightRed GoblinRonanSilver SurferSpider-Man (Symbiote)Superior Iron ManSuper-SkrullTerraxThanosThe ChampionThorVenom (Pre-Update) ● Venom the DuckVenompoolVision (Aarkus)
Not playable: AdaptoidBoltagonDark PhoenixDeadpooloidDoombotGwenperionSentineloidSuperior FistSymbioidUltron Drone