Cosmic Awareness is the second Quest in the first Chapter in the Story Event Waning Moon.

It is preceded in Chapter 1 by Ace Team and succeeded in Chapter 2 by Provoker.



"How fare you thus far, Summoner? Able to manage these two? I would help but, you know; important business. Running the Contest and all that."
"Plus, he's got a ton of old-guy stuff to do: Reading the TV Guide, forgetting where he put one of his slippers, eating gross canned food..."
"I'm going to leave before I have to hurt him. Back to work, Summoner."
"He seems nice. You guys have a good dynamic."
The Collector and Deadpool (X-Force)[src]

"Do you know much about Moon Knight, Summoner? I don't know a ton, but I've heard he's pretty crazy. "Looney Moony," you could say. Like he's got super heroes living in his head; or thinks he does, or thinks he's them? It's hard to say."
"He better have me in his head, and I mean ALL of me. Even you, yellow text box."
"Deadpool, NO ONE knows what you're talking about. We NEVER do!"
Spider-Man (Black Suit) and Deadpool (X-Force)[src]

"Still no sign of him, but the Champions he's laced about aren't letting up. I don't need my spider-sense to know we're on the right path."
"And now, a boss fight! Since no one is here to fulfill it I, Deadpool, shall graciously offer myself."
"Deadpool... what are you doing?"
"Shhh, I'm fulfilling a crucial role. *Ahem* BWA-HA-HA! SUMMONER, WELCOME TO DIE!"
"Hit him once for me, would ya?"
Spider-Man (Black Suit) and Deadpool (X-Force)[src]


Item Quantity
Tier 3 Basic ISO-8 1
Units 10
Premium Hero Crystal Shard 250

Item Quantity
Tier 2 Basic ISO-8 2
Units 15
4-Star Crystal Shard 10


  • This Quest shares a name with a Mastery.


Waning Moon
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Odd Couple 1. Ace Team
2. Cosmic Awareness
Aggravator 1. Provoker
2. Waxing Crescent
Eclipse 1. Avatar of Vengeance
2. Full Moon
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