Cosmic Civil War is a Story Event. The Summoner has to choose a faction, which will determine which side of the Civil War is seen, who to quest with, and what opponents are faced. It will also determine the targets of missions that need to completed.


  • Blue Faction: Freedom is the only option! Help Captain America and his loyal faction escape the Battlerealm!
  • Iron Faction: Triumph over The Contest! Help Iron Man and his stalwart faction win the ISO-Sphere!

Shorthand Etymology

Cosmic Civil War

List of Quests

Blue Faction

  • Chapter 1: Blue Beginnings
    • CCW-1-1 Ideology
    • CCW-1-2 The Lineup
  • Chapter 2: Blue Battle
    • CCW-2-1 Regrets
    • CCW-2-2 Soldiers and War
  • Chapter 3: Blue Conclusion
    • CCW-3-1 A Stark by Any Other Name
    • CCW-3-2 The Panther Strikes

Iron Faction

  • Chapter 1: Iron Initiation
    • CCW-1-1 Quarrel
    • CCW-1-2 Illuminati
  • Chapter 2: Iron Determination
    • CCW-2-1 Diehard
    • CCW-2-2 War and Soldiers
  • Chapter 3: Iron Confrontation
    • CCW-3-1 A Cap is a Cap
    • CCW-3-2 The Falcon Dives


Motion Comic

The Cosmic Civil War Marvel Contest of Champions-3

The Cosmic Civil War Marvel Contest of Champions-3



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