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Cutscenes are scenes in Marvel: Contest of Champions that help to tell the story.

List of Cutscenes


Act 2 Epilogue

Act 3 Epilogue

MYS Epilogue

"You failed me, insect."
"But Master...I saved some of the substance!"
"Ah...refined ISO-8. Forged by time and power... Atoms crushed and rebuilt into their purest configuration. An infinitesimal amount...but enough to challenge Infinity! This is the true destiny of ISO-8: to be annihilated, reborn, and coalesce into something...truly powerful. GET ME MORE!"
"Oh, boy. That sounds bad. I need to tell the collector!"
Maestro, Yellowjacket, and Ant-Man[src]

This cutscene appeared after the player completed MYS-3-3 Bug Brawl.

Act 4 Epilogue

XMN Epilogue

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