Dark Portents is the first Quest in the first Chapter in the Story Event Ultron's Assault.

It is succeeded by A Villain Revealed.



"Summoner, so glad you finally took the time to show up. This is—was—a very valuable part of the Battlerealm. As you can see, things have become a tad... askew. Someone has caused me great offense with their destructive actions here. YOU and your fellow summoners must hunt them down. Then, I will administer a fitting punishment to our perpetrator. To work!"
The Collector, upon starting the Quest

"Such chaos, such unhinged destruction! It seems you are up against a truly mighty foe, Summoner! Be on guard for anything."
The Collector, during the Quest

"Priority target identified. Summoner threat level: Nominal. Proceeding to engage."
"One of Ultron's drones? That metal monstrosity has done this?! Consider this a chance to prove yourself to me; destroy it!"
Ultron Drone Tech and The Collector, before fighting Ultron Drone Tech


Item Quantity
Gold 125
Units 5
Tier 2 Basic ISO-8 2

Item Quantity
Unknown Unknown

Ultron's Assault
Chapter Quests
The Invasion 1. Dark Portents
2. A Villain Revealed
3. The Collector's Task
Contest Infected 1. Ultron Strikes
2. Drone Duel
3. The Avengers
Age of Ultron 1. The Campaign
2. Heroes Arise
3. Avengers Assemble
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