Genetic Memory is an ability exclusive to Venom (Pre-Update). It grants Venom a random permanent beneficial effect from the list below, every 10 seconds.

The possible beneficial effects gained are as follows:

Venom can only host 5 beneficial effects at a time.

List of Champions with Genetic Memory


  • This ability is only exclusive to Venom (Pre-Update); the updated variant of Venom has a similar ability known as Klyntar Mutation. While sharing the similar trait of granting Venom a permanent beneficial effect every 10 seconds, Klyntar Mutation takes the form of a non-Passive Buff effect and can therefore become Nullified. However, it grants Venom increased Attack as long as it is active and also additional properties that give him a combat advantage against certain types of Champions. Additionally, Klyntar Mutation allows Venom to host 7 effects (instead of 5) at a time and the Genetic Memory Buff gained will be Nullified if Venom is Incinerated.


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