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Guillotine 2099 is a Tech Champion. Being a Tech Champion, she has a Class Bonus against Mutant Champions, but is weak to Cosmic Champions.


In the future world of 2099, the Alchemax Corporation acquires "La fleur du mal", the ancient demon sword of the Guillotine lineage. Using future technology and corporate mystical arts, they reverse-engineer the demonic forces inhabiting the sword, creating a new weapon capable of "digitizing" human souls. Born out of an unholy blend of cutting-edge technology and ancient dark magic, Guillotine 2099 is developed as the blueprint for an army of sword-wielding robotic warriors.


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Basic Abilities


  • Advanced Robotics provides Immunity to Bleed and Poison effects.
  • Once per fight, when Guillotine drops below 15% health and she has at least 1 Digi-Soul, Self-Repair is activated, recovering (X) health per Digi-Soul over 4 seconds. This ability triggers instantly when starting a fight below 15% health. If stunned during repair connection is lost and the Repair immediately ends.

Passive (Combo Meter Abilities)

  • Guillotine's Attack Rating increases by (X) with each hit in her Combo Meter, capping after 100 hits. At a combo of 100+ Guillotine's sword becomes empowered, dealing a burst of (X) direct energy damage for each hit above 100, scaling with base attack and capping after 600 hits.
  • When attacked by a Light or Medium Attack, 15% chance to activate Digi-Cloak, lasting 2.50 seconds per Digi-Soul and causing all unblocked attacks to Miss. (Cooldown:10 Seconds) After each use, and each time Guillotine is knocked down.

Basic Attacks

  • Guillotine can't land critical hits naturally, however all Basic Attacks that aren't critical, have a chance based on Critical Rating to inflict a Degeneration Debuff dealing (X) direct damage over 3 seconds.

Digi-Souls - Persistent Charge

  • Guillotine begins the quest with 2 Digi-Souls, each providing +16% Defensive Combat Power Rate. Digi-Souls are refunded after each fight and can be spent to enhance Guillotine's sword on the Pre-Fight menu.

Pre-Fight Abilities (Costs 1 Digi-Soul)

  • Huntress: Every 20th attack on the combo meter is a guaranteed critical hit, if this is a Special 1 or 2 all hits of the special are critical.
  • Stability: While above 99 hits in the Combo Meter, Medium attacks Regenerate 5% of the damage Dealt.
  • Assault: While above 99 hits in the Combo Meter, Medium attacks Burn 5% of the Opponent Current Power.

Heavy Attacks

  • 100% chance to gain a Combo Shield Passive lasting indefinitely. Max stacks 2, plus an additional 2 for every Digi-Soul. When struck, a Combo Shield is removed.

Special Attacks

Special Attack 1: Soul Slash - Guillotine 2099 slashes her opponents before releasing a blast of excess soul energy from with her Soulsplitter.

  • The final strike of this attack drains 20% of the Opponent's Current Power per Digi-Soul, increasing to 40% per Digi-Soul if the attack doesn't make contact with the Opponent.

Special Attack 2: LFM 99 Soulsplitter - Guillotine 2099 temporarily splits her blade in two, unleashing a series of devastating blows in rapid succesion.

  • On activation:100% chance to inflict a Spectre Debuff, reducing the Opponent's Regeneration Rate by 120% for 12 seconds.

Special Attack 3: Soul Digitizer - Using the blades from her Soulsplitter as projectiles, Guillotine 2099 pierces deep within the opponent's soul before holding them in place and scanning their soul for digitization.

  • If the Opponent is at or below 5% of their max health this attack knocks them out. This damage cannot be prevented or reduced. If Guillotine uses this attack to knock out her opponent, their soul is digitized and absorbed, allowing her to start the next fight with 100 hits in her combo meter.



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