ISO-8 is an upgrade item used to level up champions. There are two types of ISO-8: basic ISO-8 and class ISO-8. Using class ISO-8 on the same class of champion provides a 50% bonus, thus indirectly reducing the amount of gold used to level up a champion. Currently, there are five tiers of ISO-8. Each tier determines the amount it contributes to the levelling of the champion.

ISO-8 gained through gameplay can expire after a certain amount of time, and is permanently lost. ISO-8 is also lost if the amount used is more than the amount required by the champion upon reaching maximum level (for that rank).

Level Up Value

Tier Basic ISO-8 Class ISO-8 Class ISO-8 + Bonus
1 +75 +200 +300
2 +125 +325 +488
3 +525 +825 +1,238
4 +1,300 +2,000 +3,000
5 +3,000 +5,000 +7,500
5+ +10,000

Gold Value

Tier Basic ISO-8 Class ISO-8
1 Gold36 Gold103
2 Gold61 Gold171
3 Gold259 Gold423
4 Gold642 Gold1,010
5 Gold1,484 Gold2,500
5+ Gold4,949


Gameplay Terminology

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