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Jessica Jones is an unplayable Champion that appears in several story dialog events. Her first appearance was in the Story Event Contamination. She later returns in the Story Event Cosmic Civil War - Endgame and then her last appearance was in the Story Event Dawn of Darkness. Kabam Gabe on twitter has stated "As for playable Jessica, we usually prefer flashier characters with big powers... she’s more of a punch-kick kind of character, so harder to make interesting. Maybe one day."



There is a petition[1] to have her as a playable champion:

A Reddit post[2] by TheRealTurdFergusonn states that "She's been in the game files for a really long time, and has actually been in more quest storylines than M.O.D.O.K.. Back when she was datamined, it was discovered she was a complete clone, move set-wise, of Black Widow, and the player base at that time complained about yet another clone so Kabam did not release her."

Some players hoped that she would be included in the game when the Netflix series The Defenders airs, which was since August 18, 2017, but it did not happen since the update that time was the Sinister Six update. Other players even hoped that they'd get Jessica Jones either through a new character debut or in-game reward.

Here are reasons why I think Jessica Jones should be introduced as a playable character in MARVEL Contest of Champions:

  • They haven't brought a new science champion character for like over a year.
  • Jessica Jones is the most watched/popular Marvel TV show on Netflix.
  • It's not fair that she's the only defender who is not a playable character, while Daredevil, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist are.

There’s no doubt that players want the next MARVEL Contest of Champions update to include Jessica Jones as a playable character. Sign this petition to let the team of Kabam to make Jessica Jones a playable character so they can give the fans what they want and maybe, hopefully once this petition reached enough signatures, they'll add Jessica Jones before or by the time Jessica Jones Season 2 airs on Netflix sometime in 2018.