Joe Fixit is a Science Champion. Being a Science Champion, he has a Class Bonus against Mystic Champions, but is weak against Skill Champions.


Working as an enforcer for organized crime in Las Vegas, the dark incarnation of the Hulk named Joe Fixit is morally ambiguous at best, and downright cruel at worst. Dressed impeccably in his trademark suits, Mr. Fixit enjoys the finer things in life, like money, women, gambling, and gunning down his enemies with his dual Tommy Guns. He may be a weaker version of the Hulk, but he more than makes up for it with his firepower and sinister intelligence.


Tier Max Rating Max Health Max Attack


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  • Passive: At the beginning of the fight and whenever he lands a Heavy attack, Joe gains a random poker suit and lets loose a different aspect of the gamma irradiated gangster he is.
    • HEARTS: Joe triggers his accelerated healing ability, granting X% health recovery per minute.
    • SPADES: Mr. Fixit is morally ambiguous at best and knows how to make his punches hurt. Each attack has a X% chance to Weaken or Fatigue the opponent, reducing attack by X% and Critical Hit Rate by X%.
    • CLUBS: Joe isn't some dumb brute and he's smart enough to take advantage of anyone who thinks he is, granting X% Critical Hit rate for every 5 hits of his combo meter.
    • DIAMONDS: He may not be as big as the Hulk, but you still won't like him when he's angry. Joe gains up to X% Attack based on lost health.
Tier  % Health Recovery
Tier  % Chance/W/F  % ATK Reduction CHR Reduction
Tier  % CHR
Tier  % ATK

Signature Ability

  • Double Down
    • Passive: Mr. Fixit knows how to play the tables and swing the odds in his favor. Each time he rolls on Gambler's Ruin, he has a X% chance to Double Down and gain a second poker suit for 7 seconds.
Tier (Level)  % Chance/Double Down
TierStarTierStarTierStar (8)65.8
TierStarTierStarTierStarTierStar (20)85

Special Attacks

  • Place Your Bets
    • First Mr. Fixit introduces you to his forehead, then he introduces you to his twin Chicago Typewriters. What a nice fellow.
Tier  % Chance/Bleed  % Damage Time (sec)
  • Shorten the Odds
    • With a stomp of his foot and a slap of his hand, Mr. Fixit sends two boulders slamming into his opponent's head at high speed.
      • X% chance to Stun the opponent for X seconds.
Tier  % Chance/Stun Time (sec)
  • The House Always Wins
    • Joe Fixit lets loose a massive barrage from his twin Tommy Guns, then beats his opponent to a messy pulp with them. Never bet against the house.
      • X% chance to inflict Bleed, dealing X% of your Attack as direct damage over X seconds.
Tier  % Chance/Bleed  % Damage Time (sec)

Strengths and Weaknesses


  • Mr. Fixit has a wide variety of effects that cannot be nullified, allowing him to maintain very powerful effects for the duration of the fight.[1]
  • Gambler's Ruin allows Joe to have an answer to many different type of enemies that can be encountered. If an enemy showcases that they have the Willpower Mastery, Joe can reroll and get a different effect to bypass it. If Joe starts a fight at low Health during an Alliance Quest, he can reroll until he hits Hearts to heal up a small amount during easier fights before a boss or mini-boss.[1]
  • Joe's frequent and powerful Bleed effects on his first and third Special Attacks allow him to bypass Armor-reliant opponents such as Iron Man and Rhino.[1]
  • With a guaranteed Stun effect on his second Special Attack, Joe can take advantage of this scenario and land a needed Heavy Attack to re-roll on Gambler's Ruin in order to switch up his abilities at a needed time.[1]


  • Mr. Fixit is a gambling man, and sometimes the tables turn against him. His largely random effects can sometimes leave Joe in a tight spot, getting effects that aren’t right for the situation. As an example, getting Diamonds early on in a fight when Joe is still at high health won’t do nearly as much as Spades or Clubs would do at that same time.[1]

Recommended Masteries

  • Parry: Joe Fixit needs to land Heavy Attacks in order to gain full advantage of Gambler's Ruin, which Double Down and Parry help him do. By landing that block and Stunning the opponent, Joe can quickly follow up with a Heavy Attack and reroll Gambler's Ruin against tougher AI opponents.[1]
  • Recovery:[2] As his Hearts ability allows constant Regeneration, Recovery increases the amount of health regained by a sizable portion, allowing Joe to stick around in the fight longer.[1]
  • Courage:[3] As Mr. Fixit gains Attack when he at lower Health, Courage allows him to increase his damage output even more and stack on from the Diamonds effect.[1]
  • Inequity:[4] With the high chance to trigger Weakness and Fatigue, Inequity will trigger frequently and allow Joe more survivability against very tough opponents in Alliance Quests.[1]
  • Cruelty:[5] As Joe builds up his combo meter, his base Critical Hit chance increases with it. As a result, increasing Critical Hit Damage has a much larger effect for Joe, especially if his combo meter can be reliably maintained.[1]

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