Judgment is an ability.


Judgment allows its user to place one of many Judgments upon their opponent, which each last indefinitely and can only be placed once. However, if the opponent is inflicted with Damnation, they can have Judgments placed upon them again. Each Judgment has a secondary effect, which gets more powerful for each Judgment active.[1]

The list of Judgments that can be placed is as follows.

Judgment Secondary Effect
Judgment of Spite Inflicts Bleed on the opponent.
Judgment of Malice The user gains Life Steal.
Judgment of Corruption The user gains a burst of Attack.
Judgment of Pride Inflicts Fate Seal on the opponent.
Judgment of Anger Inflicts Power Drain on the opponent.
Judgment of Guilt Inflicts Damnation, Power Lock, Heal Block, and Fate Seal on the opponent.

List of Champions with Judgment

See the associated category: Judgment.


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