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This article is about the titular champion. For the unplayable boss found in Act 7 Chapter 3, see Kang the Conqueror (Act 7.3).
"The Collector can litter this Contest with Adaptoids all he wants. THE FINAL VICTORY BELONGS TO KANG!"
—Kang the Conqueror[src]

Kang the Conqueror is a Tech Champion. Being a Tech Champion, he has a Class Bonus against Mutant Champions, but is weak to Cosmic Champions. He is a major recurring antagonist and serves as the final boss of Act 2.


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A brilliant scientist from the 30th century, Kang the Conqueror has raided the distant past and explored the deep future, assuming many identities and amassing power across the millennia. The time-stream itself bends to his genius and will.




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Signature Ability

  • Kang Armor
    • Kang's Power level fuels his neuro-kinetic suit of armor, endowing him with up to X Armor Rating based on stored Power.

Special Attacks

  • Concussive Bolt
    • A concussive blast from the fingertips of Kang's gauntlets leave opponents in a daze.
      • 100% chance to Stun for 2.4 seconds.
  • E.M.P. Cannon
    • Kang's Time-Ship blasts his opponent back to the future from a remote location using an electromagnetic pulse cannon.
      • 100% chance to Stun for 2 seconds.
      • Drains up to 100% of the target's max Power.
  • Drone Assault
    • Kang deploys a swarm of robotic drones from the future to seek and destroy his target.
      • 100% chance to inflict Heal Block, preventing the target from recovering Health for 12 seconds.


  • A 4-Star Kang was given to the player BrutalDLX for being the first player to beat the Realm of Legends, although a 4-Star Kang was later given to the other nine players in the Hall of Legends. A 4-Star Kang was later given to the top Alliance in the Gifting Alliance Event. Kang could also be rewarded from the Greater Gifting Crystal (Kang Version), or, rarely, in Arenas as Rank Rewards.
  • The bio for the playable version of Kang is a reference to a line of dialogue from 1-2-5 Confrontation.

In the Story

Joining the Contest

Kang was originally a brilliant scientist from the 30th century, and became proficient in manipulating the time stream. He was summoned to the Ghost Orchid by the Collector, who promised him the ISO-Sphere if he managed to defeat the Summoner. Kang would continuously taunt the Summoner as they battled with their Champions, but the tide was turned when Thanos, demanding the identity of the Contest’s benefactor, entered the Contest and allied himself with the Summoner. Their combined efforts were more than enough to defeat Kang, who would hold a grudge against the Summoner for time to come.

Elder's War and Cornerstone

Kang would face the Summoner again from time to time seeking revenge, first challenging him and Magneto, then again as the Summoner's first opponent in 'Phase 2' of the Collector's Contest, and another time soon after the Grandmaster’s return. After the Collector’s defeat, Kang was forced into an uneasy alliance with the Summoner, Doctor Strange, Doctor Voodoo, Black Panther, Cable and Spider-Man, among others, to reconstruct the Cornerstone, an artifact instrumental in the stability of the Battlerealm. The Grandmaster pitted the group against Ultron, but he relented when the robot was defeated, allowing the group to reassemble the Cornerstone and revealing that it was in fact the Collector’s daughter Carina, who was shattered into a billion fragments three billion years ago.

Paradox and the Arrival of Superior Kang

Kang was then not seen for a long period, and he eventually came to overlook Mister Fantastic’s time anomaly on his space station, alongside Annihilus and Red Skull. He was then confronted and defeated by the Summoner and Namor, who destroyed his Chronos Station. He then disappeared again, carefully plotting his revenge against the Summoner, and somehow harnessed the power of the Paradox Engine for himself.

Taking advantage of the chaos caused by Gwenmaster’s reign, he summoned multiple anomalies from alternate timelines to stall Carina’s group while he took over the Contest, and lured the Summoner to the Galactorum for a final showdown. Despite his best efforts, Kang was defeated, and in a desperate attempt summoned Superior Kang to the Battlerealm. Unimpressed by Kang’s efforts, Superior Kang promptly vaporized him, but Kang was able to revert his death, and challenged Superior Kang three times, once alone, once with Carina, and once while trying to find the Summoner, with all attempts ending in failure and Kang forced to reverse time once again. On his fourth and final attempt, Kang was imprisoned in Knowhere, and was rescued by Carina’s group including the Summoner. Realizing that the Summoner was the key to defeating his variant, Kang set aside his differences and worked with the group to create a device to neutralize Superior Kang’s abilities, giving it to the Summoner and allowing him to defeat Superior Kang.


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