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This article is about the comic book character. For the Blood and Venom level of the same name, see La Fleur du Mal.


L'avenir, C'est Moi

"I have gone mad."
"Perhaps so. Perhaps I have been waiting for one who is mad enough -- desperate enough -- to hear me speak. To carry me, through the days of his life. Through the days of his line. Let us help each other, Jean Desmarais. Let us swear an oath on your blood--to face your enemies together."
—Jean Desmarais and La Fleur du Mal[src]

Jean Desmarais was escaping prosecution in October of 1793 when he found La Fleur du Mal, who promised to protect him in exchange for swearing a blood oath. Thus, Jean's descendants were cursed to wield the bloodthirsty La Fleur du Mal under the guise of "Guillotine".

After Jeannine Sauvage, the current Guillotine, helps to capture the Imp Prince, La Fleur du Mal tells Guillotine that she should give in to carnage. However, she was then abruptly attacked by the Summoner to participate in The Collector's and the Grandmaster's Contest of Champions.

The Life I've Left Behind Me

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What Is It Good For?

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La Fleur du Mal is a sentient sword with a never-ending thirst for blood, which is absorbed by the sword as it cuts through the enemies of its user. The sword speaks directly to the user's mind, so it can't be heard by other people.[1]

La Fleur du Mal appears to be more destructive than regular swords, as it was slightly able to cut through Captain America's shield during a fight with Maestro.[2]



  • La Fleur du Mal translates to English as "The Flower of Evil".



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