State of the Battlerealm (as of September 2019)

State of the Battlerealm (as of September 2019) (Missing Maestro, Punisher & The Champion (default) portraits)

A Champion is a hero or villain that a Summoner uses to defeat opponents. They are acquired through Crystals and the Multiverse Arenas and vary in rarity and strength.

Each Champion has a Hero Rating that can be increased by leveling up, ranking up, Mastery points, and in Arenas and Quests through Synergy Bonuses. They also have a set of Basic Attacks that they can share animations of which with other Champions. Each Champion has a Signature Ability that is unlocked from getting a duplicate of that Champion from a Crystal, as well as three Special Attacks that are mostly unique to that Champion. Champions can also be given Items, which serve a variety of tasks. Boosts are temporary items that increase stats such as Attack, Health, and XP; certain Boosts are exclusive to certain events, such as the Chained Soul Boost being exclusive to the Story Event Pandemonium Rising.

Marvel: Contest of Champions currently features 159 playable characters, 1 temporary character, 66 non-playable characters, and 2 upcoming champions with more confirmed to be added in the future.

For lists of Champions, click below:

List of Champions

Cosmic Mutant Mystic Science Skill Tech
Portrait Featured Image
Angela portrait Angela featured
Annihilus portrait Annihilus featured
Black Bolt
Black Bolt portrait Black Bolt featured
Captain Marvel (Classic)
Captain Marvel (Classic) portrait Captain Marvel (Classic) featured
Captain Marvel
Captain Marvel portrait Captain Marvel featured
Carnage portrait Carnage featured
Corvus Glaive
Corvus Glaive portrait Corvus Glaive featured
Cull Obsidian
Cull Obsidian portrait Cull Obsidian featured
Drax portrait Drax featured
Gamora portrait Gamora featured
Groot portrait Groot featured
Heimdall portrait Heimdall featured
Hela portrait Hela featured
Hyperion portrait Hyperion featured
King Groot
King Groot portrait King Groot featured
Medusa portrait Medusa featured
Ms. Marvel
Ms. Marvel portrait Ms. Marvel featured
Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan)
Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan) portrait Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan) featured
Phoenix portrait Phoenix featured
Proxima Midnight
Proxima Midnight portrait Proxima Midnight featured
Ronan portrait Ronan featured
Spider-Man (Symbiote)
Spider-Man (Symbiote) portrait Spider-Man (Symbiote) featured
Superior Iron Man
Superior Iron Man portrait Superior Iron Man featured
Thanos portrait Thanos featured
The Champion
The Champion portrait The Champion featured
Thor portrait Thor featured
Venom portrait Venom featured
Venompool portrait Venompool featured
Venom the Duck
Venom the Duck portrait Venom the Duck featured
Vision (Aarkus)
Vision (Aarkus) portrait Vision (Aarkus) featured
Portrait Featured Image
Archangel portrait Archangel featured
Beast portrait Beast featured
Bishop portrait Bishop featured
Cable portrait Cable featured
Colossus portrait Colossus featured
Cyclops (Blue Team)
Cyclops (Blue Team) portrait Cyclops (Blue Team) featured
Cyclops (New Xavier School)
Cyclops (New Xavier School) portrait Cyclops (New Xavier School) featured
Deadpool portrait Deadpool featured
Deadpool (X-Force)
Deadpool (X-Force) portrait Deadpool (X-Force) featured
Domino portrait Domino featured
Emma Frost
Emma Frost portrait Emma Frost featured
Gambit portrait Gambit featured
Goldpool portrait Goldpool featured
Havok portrait Havok featured
Iceman portrait Iceman featured
Magneto portrait Magneto featured
Magneto (Marvel NOW!)
Magneto (Marvel NOW!) portrait Magneto (Marvel NOW!) featured
Mister Sinister
Mister Sinister portrait Mister Sinister featured
Namor portrait Namor featured
Nightcrawler portrait Nightcrawler featured
Old Man Logan
Old Man Logan portrait Old Man Logan featured
Omega Red
Omega Red portrait Omega Red featured
Psylocke portrait Psylocke featured
Rogue portrait Rogue featured
Sabretooth portrait Sabretooth featured
Storm portrait Storm featured
Sunspot portrait Sunspot featured
Wolverine portrait Wolverine featured
Wolverine (X-23)
Wolverine (X-23) portrait Wolverine (X-23) featured
Portrait Featured Image
Black Widow (Claire Voyant)
Black Widow (Claire Voyant) portrait Black Widow (Claire Voyant) featured
Diablo portrait Diablo featured
Doctor Strange
Doctor Strange portrait Doctor Strange featured
Doctor Voodoo
Doctor Voodoo portrait Doctor Voodoo featured
Dormammu portrait Dormammu featured
Ebony Maw
Ebony Maw portrait Ebony Maw featured
Ghost Rider
Ghost Rider portrait Ghost Rider featured
Guillotine portrait Guillotine featured
Iron Fist
Iron Fist portrait Iron Fist featured
Iron Fist (Immortal)
Iron Fist (Immortal) portrait Iron Fist (Immortal) featured
Juggernaut portrait Juggernaut featured
Loki portrait Loki featured
Magik portrait Magik featured
Mephisto portrait Mephisto featured
Mordo portrait Mordo featured
Morningstar portrait Morningstar featured
Scarlet Witch
Scarlet Witch portrait Scarlet Witch featured
Symbiote Supreme
Symbiote Supreme portrait Symbiote Supreme featured
The Hood
The Hood portrait The Hood featured
Thor (Jane Foster)
Thor (Jane Foster) portrait Thor (Jane Foster) featured
Unstoppable Colossus
Unstoppable Colossus portrait Unstoppable Colossus featured
Portrait Featured Image
Abomination portrait Abomination featured
Ant-Man portrait Ant-Man featured
Captain America
Captain America portrait Captain America featured
Captain America (Infinity War)
Captain America (Infinity War) portrait Captain America (Infinity War) featured
Captain America (WWII)
Captain America (WWII) portrait Captain America (WWII) featured
Electro portrait Electro featured
Hulk portrait Hulk featured
Hulk (Ragnarok)
Hulk (Ragnarok) portrait Hulk (Ragnarok) featured
Human Torch
Human Torch portrait Human Torch featured
Invisible Woman
Invisible Woman portrait Invisible Woman featured
Joe Fixit
Joe Fixit portrait Joe Fixit featured
Luke Cage
Luke Cage portrait Luke Cage featured
M.O.D.O.K. portrait M.O.D.O.K. featured
Quake portrait Quake featured
Red Hulk
Red Hulk portrait Red Hulk featured
Rhino portrait Rhino featured
Sentry portrait Sentry featured
She-Hulk portrait She-Hulk featured
Spider-Gwen portrait Spider-Gwen featured
Spider-Man (Classic)
Spider-Man (Classic) portrait Spider-Man (Classic) featured
Spider-Man (Miles Morales)
Spider-Man (Miles Morales) portrait Spider-Man (Miles Morales) featured
Thing portrait Thing featured
Void portrait Void featured
Wasp portrait Wasp featured
Yellowjacket portrait Yellowjacket featured
Portrait Featured Image
Agent Venom
Agent Venom portrait Agent Venom featured
Ægon portrait Ægon featured
Black Panther
Black Panther portrait Black Panther featured
Black Panther (Civil War)
Black Panther (Civil War) portrait Black Panther (Civil War) featured
Black Widow
Black Widow portrait Black Widow featured
Blade portrait Blade featured
Crossbones portrait Crossbones featured
Daredevil (Classic)
Daredevil (Classic) portrait Daredevil (Classic) featured
Daredevil (Netflix)
Daredevil (Netflix) portrait Daredevil (Netflix) featured
Elektra portrait Elektra featured
Falcon portrait Falcon featured
Gwenpool portrait Gwenpool featured
Hawkeye portrait Hawkeye featured
Karnak portrait Karnak featured
Killmonger portrait Killmonger featured
Kingpin portrait Kingpin featured
Korg portrait Korg featured
Masacre portrait Masacre featured
Moon Knight
Moon Knight portrait Moon Knight featured
Nick Fury
Nick Fury portrait Nick Fury featured
Night Thrasher
Night Thrasher portrait Night Thrasher featured
Punisher portrait Punisher featured
Ronin portrait Ronin featured
Spider-Man (Stealth Suit)
Spider-Man (Stealth Suit) portrait Spider-Man (Stealth Suit) featured
Taskmaster portrait Taskmaster featured
Thor (Ragnarok)
Thor (Ragnarok) portrait Thor (Ragnarok) featured
Winter Soldier
Winter Soldier portrait Winter Soldier featured
Portrait Featured Image
Civil Warrior
Civil Warrior portrait Civil Warrior featured
Darkhawk portrait Darkhawk featured
Doctor Octopus
Doctor Octopus portrait Doctor Octopus featured
Ghost portrait Ghost featured
Green Goblin
Green Goblin portrait Green Goblin featured
Howard the Duck
Howard the Duck portrait Howard the Duck featured
Hulkbuster portrait Hulkbuster featured
Iron Man
Iron Man portrait Iron Man featured
Iron Man (Infinity War)
Iron Man (Infinity War) portrait Iron Man (Infinity War) featured
Iron Patriot
Iron Patriot portrait Iron Patriot featured
Kang the Conqueror
Kang the Conqueror portrait Kang the Conqueror featured
Mysterio portrait Mysterio featured
Nebula portrait Nebula featured
Punisher 2099
Punisher 2099 portrait Punisher 2099 featured
Red Skull
Red Skull portrait Red Skull featured
Rocket Raccoon
Rocket Raccoon portrait Rocket Raccoon featured
Sentinel portrait Sentinel featured
Spider-Man (Stark Enhanced)
Spider-Man (Stark Enhanced) portrait Spider-Man (Stark Enhanced) featured
Star-Lord portrait Star-Lord featured
Ultron portrait Ultron featured
Ultron (Classic)
Ultron (Classic) portrait Ultron (Classic) featured
Vision portrait Vision featured
Vision (Age of Ultron)
Vision (Age of Ultron) portrait Vision (Age of Ultron) featured
Vulture portrait Vulture featured
Warlock portrait Warlock featured
War Machine
War Machine portrait War Machine featured
Yondu portrait Yondu featured

Temporary Champions

The Champions in this list are playable but only for a limited time

Champion Portrait Featured Image
Summoned Symbioid Combined Summoned Symbioid portrait Summoned Symbioid featured

Non-playable Champions


Cosmic Mutant Mystic Science Skill Tech Gold ISO SAH
Adaptoid (Cosmic) portrait Adaptoid (Mutant) portrait Adaptoid (Mystic) portrait Adaptoid (Science) portrait Adaptoid (Skill) portrait Adaptoid (Tech) portrait Adaptoid (Gold) portrait Adaptoid (ISO) portrait Adaptoid (Super Adaptoid Hydra) portrait


Cosmic Mutant Mystic Science Skill Tech
Deadpooloid (Cosmic) portrait Deadpooloid (Mutant) portrait Deadpooloid (Mystic) portrait Deadpooloid (Science) portrait Deadpooloid (Skill) portrait Deadpooloid (Tech) portrait


Cosmic Mutant Mystic Science Skill Tech
Doombot (Cosmic) portrait Doombot (Mutant) portrait Doombot (Mystic) portrait Doombot (Science) portrait Doombot (Skill) portrait Doombot (Tech) portrait


Cosmic Mutant Mystic Science Skill Tech
Sentineloid (Cosmic) portrait Sentineloid (Mutant) portrait Sentineloid (Mystic) portrait Sentineloid (Science) portrait Sentineloid (Skill) portrait Sentineloid (Tech) portrait


Cosmic Mutant Mystic Science Skill Tech Gold
Symbioid (Cosmic) portrait Symbioid (Mutant) portrait Symbioid (Mystic) portrait Symbioid (Science) portrait Symbioid (Skill) portrait Symbioid (Tech) portrait Symbioid (Gold) portrait

Ultron Drones

Cosmic Mutant Mystic Science Skill Tech
Ultron Drone (Cosmic) portrait Ultron Drone (Mutant) portrait Ultron Drone (Mystic) portrait Ultron Drone (Science) portrait Ultron Drone (Skill) portrait Ultron Drone (Tech) portrait


Nameless Collector Combined Nameless Guillotine Combined Nameless Hyperion Combined Nameless King Groot Combined Nameless Scarlet Witch Combined Nameless Thanos Combined Nameless Vision Combined
Nameless Collector portrait Nameless Guillotine portrait Nameless Hyperion portrait Nameless King Groot portrait Nameless Scarlet Witch portrait Nameless Thanos portrait Nameless Vision portrait

Other Characters

Boltagon the Accuser portrait
Boltagon the Accuser Cosmic

Carina Tivan Combined
Cyverine portrait
Cyverine Mutant
Dark Phoenix portrait Dark Phoenix featured
Dark Phoenix Cosmic
Darren Cross portrait
Darren Cross Science
Doctor Strange (Marvel NOW!) portrait Doctor Strange (Marvel NOW!) featured
Doctor Strange (Marvel NOW!) Mystic
Electro Luke portrait
Electro Luke Science
Frank Strange portrait
Frank Strange Skill
Gwenperion portrait
Gwenperion Cosmic
Human Torch (Old) portrait
Human Torch (Old) Science
Ice Phoenix portrait
Ice Phoenix Mutant
Jessica Jones featured
Jessica Jones Science
Maestro portrait Maestro featured
Maestro Combined
Nightcarnage portrait
Nightcarnage Mutant
Platinumpool portrait Platinumpool featured
Platinumpool Mutant
Punishing Angel portrait
Punishing Angel Skill
Red Skull (Skill) portrait Red Skull (Skill) featured
Red Skull (Skill) Skill
Scarlet Witch (Ultimate) portrait Scarlet Witch (Ultimate) featured
Scarlet Witch (Ultimate) Mystic
Skrull portrait Skrull featured
Spider-Witch portrait
Spider-Witch Science
Star-Kang portrait
Star-Kang Tech
Superior Fist portrait
Superior Fist Cosmic
Thanos (Infinity Gauntlet) portrait
Thanos (Infinity Gauntlet) Combined
The Champion (Power Stone) portrait
The Champion (Power Stone) Combined
The Collector portrait The Collector featured
The Collector Combined
The Grandmaster portrait The Grandmaster featured
The Grandmaster Combined
Unstoppable Ant portrait
Unstoppable Ant Mystic
Voodoo Skull portrait
Voodoo Skull Mystic

Wolverine (X-Force) Mutant

List of Champions by Release Date

Abomination portrait Black Bolt portrait Black Panther portrait Captain America portrait Colossus portrait
Cyclops (New Xavier School) portrait Deadpool portrait Drax portrait Gamora portrait Hawkeye portrait
Hulk portrait Iron Fist portrait Iron Man portrait Juggernaut portrait

Kang the Conqueror portrait

Punisher portrait Rhino portrait Ronan portrait Scarlet Witch portrait Spider-Man (Classic) portrait
Star-Lord portrait Storm portrait Thor portrait Vision portrait Winter Soldier portrait
Wolverine portrait

Month Champion #1 Champion #2 Champion #3 Champion #4 Champion #5
January Captain Marvel portrait Magik portrait
February Electro portrait Superior Iron Man portrait Unstoppable Colossus portrait
March Rocket Raccoon portrait Doctor Strange portrait
April Ms. Marvel portrait Daredevil (Classic) portrait
May Ultron portrait Vision (Age of Ultron) portrait Hulkbuster portrait Black Widow portrait
June Magneto portrait
July Ant-Man portrait Yellowjacket portrait Captain America (WWII) portrait Iron Patriot portrait
August War Machine portrait Magneto (Marvel NOW!) portrait
September Deadpool (X-Force) portrait Moon Knight portrait Spider-Man (Symbiote) portrait
October Elektra portrait Joe Fixit portrait Guillotine portrait Venom portrait Spider-Gwen portrait
November Daredevil (Netflix) portrait Luke Cage portrait Iron Fist (Immortal) portrait
December Groot portrait Thor (Jane Foster) portrait

Month Champion #1 Champion #2 Champion #3 Champion #4
January Spider-Man (Miles Morales) portrait Cyclops (Blue Team) portrait
February Old Man Logan portrait Venompool portrait
March She-Hulk portrait Wolverine (X-23) portrait Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan) portrait
April Agent Venom portrait Red Hulk portrait
May Crossbones portrait Black Panther (Civil War) portrait
June Falcon portrait Civil Warrior portrait
July Nightcrawler portrait Beast portrait
August Loki portrait Ultron (Classic) portrait Thanos portrait Gambit portrait
September Karnak portrait Rogue portrait Quake portrait
October Phoenix portrait Ghost Rider portrait
November Mordo portrait Doctor Voodoo portrait
December Hyperion portrait Howard the Duck portrait

Month Champion #1 Champion #2 Champion #3
January Gwenpool portrait Cable portrait
February The Hood portrait Dormammu portrait
March Archangel portrait Psylocke portrait Iceman portrait
April Angela portrait King Groot portrait
May Nebula portrait Yondu portrait
June Carnage portrait 25px
July Spider-Man (Stark Enhanced) portrait Vulture portrait
August Green Goblin portrait Doctor Octopus portrait Kingpin portrait
September Medusa portrait Mephisto portrait
October Morningstar portrait Blade portrait
November Thor (Ragnarok) portrait Hela portrait
December Taskmaster portrait M.O.D.O.K. portrait

Month Champion #1 Champion #2 Champion #3
January Sentry portrait Void portrait
February Hulk (Ragnarok) portrait Killmonger portrait
March Sentinel portrait Bishop portrait Sabretooth portrait
April Proxima Midnight portrait Corvus Glaive portrait
May Captain America (Infinity War) portrait Iron Man (Infinity War) portrait
June Domino portrait Goldpool portrait Masacre portrait
July Wasp portrait Ghost portrait
August Red Skull portrait Heimdall portrait Korg portrait
September Omega Red portrait Emma Frost portrait
October Symbiote Supreme portrait Venom the Duck portrait
November The Champion portrait Ægon portrait
December Night Thrasher portrait Darkhawk portrait

Month Champion #1 Champion #2 Champion #3
January Thing portrait Diablo portrait
February Havok portrait Mister Sinister portrait
March 25px Nick Fury portrait
April Annihilus portrait Human Torch portrait
May Ronin portrait Cull Obsidian portrait Ebony Maw portrait
June Namor portrait Invisible Woman portrait
July Spider-Man (Stealth Suit) portrait Mysterio portrait
August Sunspot portrait Warlock portrait
September Black Widow (Claire Voyant) portrait Vision (Aarkus) portrait

Upcoming Playable Champions

The following Champions have been confirmed to be added into the game at some point in the future. Each entry must have a reliable source verifying its confirmation; otherwise, it will be considered speculation and removed. Kabam is considered a reliable source, but sources other than Kabam (such as MCOC Mods or Marvel Trucos) require two independent confirmations.

Also, if a character is found by hacking into the game files, it should not be added here; official confirmation from Kabam is required before they should be added here.

Champion Portrait Featured Image Source(s)




Combined List of Combined Champions Combined

Playable: Summoned Symbioid
Not Playable: GrandmasterMaestroThanos (Infinity Gauntlet)The CollectorNameless Thanos

Cosmic List of Cosmic Champions Cosmic

Playable: AngelaAnnihilusBlack BoltCaptain Marvel (Classic) ● Carnage (Pre-Update) ● Corvus GlaiveCull ObsidianDraxGamoraGrootHeimdallHelaHyperionKing GrootMedusaMs. Marvel (Kamala Khan) ● NovaPhoenixProxima MidnightRonanSilver SurferSpider-Man (Symbiote)Superior Iron ManTerraxThanosThe ChampionThorVenom (Pre-Update) ● Venom the DuckVenompoolVision (Aarkus)
Not playable: AdaptoidBoltagonDark PhoenixDeadpooloidDoombotGwenperionSentineloidSuperior FistSymbioidUltron Drone
Upcoming: None.

Mutant List of Mutant Champions Mutant

Playable: ArchangelBeastBishopCableColossusCyclops (Blue Team) ● Deadpool (X-ForceGoldpool) ● DominoEmma FrostGambitHavokIcemanMagneto (Marvel NOW!) ● Mister SinisterNamorNightcrawlerOld Man LoganOmega RedPsylockeRogueSabretoothStorm (Pyramid X) ● SunspotWolverine (Weapon XX-23) ● Sunspot
Not playable: AdaptoidCyverineDeadpooloidDoombotIce PhoenixNightcarnageSentineloidSymbioidUltron Drone
Upcoming: None.

Mystic List of Mystic Champions Mystic

Playable: Black Widow (Claire Voyant)Doctor DoomDoctor StrangeDoctor VoodooDormammuDiabloEbony MawGhost RiderGuillotineIron Fist (Immortal) ● JuggernautLokiLongshotMagikMephistoMojoMordoMorningstarScarlet WitchSorcerer SupremeSymbiote SupremeThe HoodThor (Jane Foster)Unstoppable Colossus
Not playable: AdaptoidDeadpooloidDoctor Strange (Marvel NOW!)DoombotScarlet Witch (Ultimate)SentineloidSymbioidUltron DroneUnstoppable AntVoodoo Skull
Upcoming: None.

Science List of Science Champions Science

Playable: AbominationAnt-ManCaptain America (Infinity WarWWII) ● ElectroHulk (Ragnarok) ● Human TorchInvisible WomanJoe FixitLuke CageMister FantasticM.O.D.O.K.QuakeRed HulkRhinoSentryShe-HulkSpider-GwenSpider-Man (Miles Morales) ● ThingVoidWaspYellowjacket
Not playable: AdaptoidDarren CrossDeadpooloidDoombotElectro LukeHuman Torch (Old)Jessica JonesSentineloidSpider-WitchSymbioidUltron Drone
Upcoming: None.

Skill List of Skill Champions Skill

Playable: ÆgonAgent VenomBlack Panther (Civil War) ● Black Widow (Deadly Origin) ● BladeCrossbonesDaredevil (Netflix) ● ElektraElsa BloodstoneFalconGwenpoolHawkeyeKarnakKillmongerKingpinKorgMasacreMole ManMoon KnightNick FuryNight ThrasherPunisherRed GuardianRoninSpider-Man (Stealth Suit)Squirrel GirlTaskmasterThor (Ragnarok)Winter Soldier
Not playable: AdaptoidDeadpooloidDoombotFrank StrangePunishing AngelSentineloidSymbioidUltron DroneRed Skull pre-updated
Upcoming: None.

Tech List of Tech Champions Tech

Playable: Civil WarriorDarkhawkDoctor OctopusGhostGreen GoblinHoward the DuckHulkbusterIron Man (Infinity War) ● Iron PatriotKang the ConquerorMysterioNebulaPunisher 2099Red Skull Rocket RaccoonSentinelSpider-Man (Stark Enhanced)Star-LordUltron (Classic) ● Vision (Age of Ultron) ● VultureWar MachineYonduWarlock
Not playable: Adaptoid (Hydra) ● DeadpooloidDoombotSentineloidStar-KangSymbioidUltron Drone
Upcoming: None.

List of Mash-Up Champions

Playable: Civil Warrior TechSymbiote Supreme MysticVenom the Duck CosmicVenompool CosmicUnstoppable Colossus Mystic
Not playable (Created by M.O.D.O.K.): Boltagon the Accuser CosmicCyverine MutantElectro Luke ScienceFrank Strange SkillGwenperion CosmicIce Phoenix MutantNightcarnage MutantPunishing Angel SkillSpider-Witch ScienceStar-Kang TechSuperior Fist CosmicUnstoppable Ant MysticVoodoo Skull Mystic

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