A-Force (2015) logo List of A-Force Champions A-Force (2015) logo
Captain Marvel (Classic) CosmicMs. Marvel CosmicKamala Khan CosmicRogue MutantScarlet Witch MysticShe-Hulk Science


Avengers Logo List of Avengers Champions Avengers Logo
Ant-Man ScienceBlack Panther SkillBlack Panther (Civil War) SkillBlack Widow SkillCaptain America ScienceCaptain America (Infinity War) ScienceFalcon SkillHawkeye SkillHulk ScienceHulk (Ragnarok) ScienceHulkbuster TechIron Man TechIron Man (Infinity War) TechScarlet Witch MysticThor CosmicThor (Ragnarok) SkillVision TechVision (Age of Ultron) Tech


Champions (2016) logo List of Champions Champions Champions (2016) logo
Black Widow SkillGhost Rider MysticKamala Khan CosmicSpider-Man (Miles Morales) Science

Chronos Corps

Kang the Conqueror portrait List of Chronos Corps Champions Kang the Conqueror portrait
Abomination ScienceThor CosmicVenom Cosmic


Defenders List of Defenders Champions Defenders
Daredevil SkillDaredevil (Netflix) SkillElektra SkillGhost Rider MysticHoward the Duck TechIron Fist MysticLuke Cage ScienceMoon Knight SkillPunisher Skill

Guardians of the Galaxy

Guardians Logo List of Guardians of the Galaxy Champions Guardians Logo
Agent Venom SkillDrax CosmicGamora CosmicGroot CosmicRocket Raccoon TechStar-Lord Tech


Illuminati List of Illuminati Champions Illuminati
Black Panther SkillBeast MutantBlack Bolt CosmicDoctor Strange MysticHulk ScienceMagneto MutantSuperior Iron Man Cosmic


Inhumans-logo-600x257 List of Inhuman Champions Inhumans-logo-600x257
Black Bolt CosmicKarnak SkillMedusa CosmicKamala Khan CosmicQuake Science

Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU)

Marvel Cinematic Universe Logo List of Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) Champions Marvel Cinematic Universe Logo
Black Panther (Civil War) SkillCaptain America ScienceHawkeye SkillHulk ScienceIron Man TechIron Man (Infinity War) TechIron Patriot TechKillmonger SkillLoki MysticMordo MysticSpider-Man (Stark Enhanced) TechStar-Lord TechThor CosmicThor (Ragnarok) SkillUltron TechWar Machine TechWasp ScienceWinter Soldier SkillYellowjacket ScienceYondu Tech

New Avengers

New Avengers Logo List of New Avengers Champions New Avengers Logo
Hyperion CosmicSpider-Man (Classic) ScienceSpider-Man (Miles Morales) ScienceThor (Jane Foster) MysticWolverine Mutant


Shield Logo List of S.H.I.E.L.D. Champions Shield Logo
Black Widow SkillCaptain America ScienceCaptain America (WWII) ScienceDoctor Voodoo MysticHawkeye SkillMagik MysticQuake Science

Sinister Six

Sinister Six Logo List of Sinister Six Champions Sinister Six Logo
Doctor Octopus TechElectro ScienceGreen Goblin TechIron Patriot TechRhino Science


Thunderbolts Logo List of Thunderbolts Champions Thunderbolts Logo
Electro ScienceGhost Rider MysticIron Patriot TechJuggernaut MysticLuke Cage ScienceRed Hulk ScienceTaskmaster SkillWolverine (X-23) Mutant


X-Force logo1 List of X-Force Champions X-Force logo1
Archangel MutantCable MutantColossus MutantCyclops (Blue Team) MutantCyclops (New Xavier School) MutantDeadpool (X-Force) MutantMagneto MutantPsylocke MutantStorm MutantWolverine MutantWolverine (X-23) Mutant


Xmen Logo List of X-Men Champions Xmen Logo
Archangel MutantBeast MutantBishop MutantCable MutantColossus MutantGambit MutantIceman MutantMagik MysticMagneto (Marvel NOW!) MutantNightcrawler MutantOld Man Logan MutantPhoenix CosmicPsylocke MutantRogue MutantStorm MutantUnstoppable Colossus MysticWolverine Mutant

Special Groupings

Contest's Greatest Fighters

Champion medal List of the Contest's Greatest Fighters Champion medal
Archangel MutantBlade SkillCorvus Glaive CosmicGhost Rider MysticGwenpool SkillHulk (Ragnarok) ScienceHyperion CosmicIceman MutantMagik MysticSpider-Man (Stark Enhanced) TechStar-Lord TechVoid Science

Dimensional Beings

Dimensional Beings List of Dimensional Beings Dimensional Beings
Dormammu MysticGhost Rider MysticThe Hood MysticMagik MysticMephisto MysticMorningstar Mystic


List of Hero Champions
Agent Venom SkillAngela CosmicAnt-Man ScienceArchangel MutantBeast MutantBishop MutantBlack Bolt CosmicBlack Panther SkillBlack Panther (Civil War) SkillBlade SkillCable MutantCaptain America ScienceCaptain America (WWII) ScienceCaptain America (Infinity War) ScienceCaptain Marvel (Classic) CosmicCivil Warrior TechColossus MutantCyclops (Blue Team) MutantCyclops (New Xavier School) MutantDaredevil SkillDaredevil (Netflix) SkillDoctor Strange MysticDoctor Voodoo MysticDrax CosmicEmma Frost MutantFalcon SkillGambit MutantGamora CosmicGhost Rider MysticGroot CosmicGuillotine MysticGwenpool SkillHawkeye SkillHeimdall CosmicHoward the Duck TechHulk ScienceHulk (Ragnarok) ScienceHulkbuster TechHyperion CosmicIron Fist MysticIron Fist (Immortal) MysticIron Man TechIron Man (Infinity War) TechKamala Khan CosmicKorg SkillMagik MysticMedusa CosmicMs. Marvel CosmicNightcrawler MutantOld Man Logan MutantPhoenix CosmicPunisher SkillQuake ScienceRocket Racoon TechRogue MutantScarlet Witch MysticShe-Hulk ScienceSpider-Gwen ScienceSpider-Man (Classic) ScienceSpider-Man (Miles Morales) ScienceSpider-Man (Stark Enhanced) TechSpider-Man (Symbiote) CosmicStar-Lord TechStorm MutantSuperior Iron Man TechThor CosmicThor (Jane Foster) MysticThor (Ragnarok) SkillVision TechVision (Age of Ultron) TechWar Machine TechWasp ScienceWolverine MutantWolverine (X-23) Mutant


List of Mercenary Champions
Black Widow SkillCorvus Glaive CosmicDeadpool MutantDeadpool (X-Force) MutantDomino MutantElektra SkillGoldpool MutantGwenpool SkillKarnak SkillLuke Cage ScienceMasacre SkillMoon Knight SkillNebula TechProxima Midnight CosmicSabretooth MutantWinter Soldier SkillYondu Tech


List of Villain Champions
Abomination ScienceCrossbones SkillDoctor Octopus TechDormammu MysticElectro ScienceGhost TechGreen Goblin TechIron Patriot TechHela CosmicThe Hood MysticJoe Fixit ScienceJuggernaut MysticKang TechKillmonger SkillKing Groot CosmicLoki MysticMagneto MutantMagneto (Marvel NOW!) MutantMephisto MysticM.O.D.O.K. ScienceMordo MysticMorningstar MysticOmega Red MutantRed Hulk ScienceRed Skull TechRhino ScienceRonan CosmicSentinel TechTaskmaster SkillThanos CosmicUltron TechUltron (Classic) TechUnstoppable Colossus MysticVenom CosmicVenompool TechVulture TechYellowjacket Science