Lunar Phases is the unofficial name[1][2] of an ability exclusive to Moon Knight.


Lunar Phases allows Moon Knight's abilities to change depending on the moon's phases.[3][2]

  • Waning Crescent: As the Moon wanes, there's a chance to gain Fury. The chance increases nearer to the New Moon.[2]
  • New Moon: In the darkness of a New Moon, gain increased chance to evade attacks.[2] His base Attack is also at its highest.[3]
  • Waxing Crescent: As the Moon waxes, there's a chance to boost Critical Rate. The chance increases nearer to the Full Moon.[2]
  • Full Moon: Under the light of the Full Moon, there's a chance that Critical Hits inflict Stun.[2] In addition, the chance to inflict Bleed is at its highest, as are his Critical Hits.[3]

As it is December 12, the current active ability is Full Moon.

List of Champions with Lunar Phases

See the associated category: Lunar Phases.


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