"Ah, Summoner. Once we were allies, now we are foes. And the moment of truth has arrived."

Maestro is an unplayable Combined Champion. Being a Combined Champion, he has a Class Bonus against Champions of every Class other than another Combined.


With the power of the Hulk, and the intellect of Bruce Banner, Maestro has survived wars, nuclear attacks, and countless assassination attempts from all across time. Now he moves from one timeline to another, defeating any he deems a worthy foe and taking their prized weapons as personal trophies. With so few who could stand against him, Maestro has now set his sights on a much more grand scale. He aims to take over the Contest and prove he is the most powerful champion in the universe.


  • Combo Shield (Passive): When his Health drops below 75%, Maestro charges his ISO-infused armor to grant himself a Combo Shield, protecting his Combo Meter with 100% effectiveness.
  • Passive: Superior tactics and intellect grant X increased Critical Hit Rate for every 5 hits of the Combo Meter for as long as a Combo is maintained.
  • Fury (Passive): As health is lost, Maestro loses control and allows his Hulk Rage to take over, granting multiple stacks of Fury, each granting X increased Attack.

Signature Ability

  • ISO Inversion
    • Special Attacks: Maestro's control over the Contest allows his Special Attacks to reverse the empowering effects of ISO-8, reducing all enemy statistics by X% for 9 seconds.

Special Attacks

  • Triplicate ISO Blast
    • Two ISO-infused blasts from his gauntlets, followed quickly by a massive blast from his armor.
      • 100% chance to inflict Degeneration, dealing X Direct Damage over 5 seconds.
  • Soulsword & Godslayer
    • Two swords from two powerful female warriors, now being used to cut down Maestro's foes.
      • Burns up to 45% of the target's max Power and inflicts Direct Damage proportionate to the amount lost.
      • 100% chance to inflict Bleed, dealing X Direct Damage over 5 seconds.
  • ISO Power Unleashed
    • For a brief time, Maestro lets his inner gamma-irradiated self loose. He smashes his opponent, then unleashes the full power of his ISO-Gauntlet.
      • 100% chance to Stun for 4 seconds.
      • 100% chance to Power Lock, severing the opponent’s flow of Power for 12 seconds.


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