Marvel Contest of Champions Wiki
Marvel Contest of Champions Wiki

The Marvel Games Wiki Alliance (MGWA for short) is an alliance of wikis that aims to chronicle everything related to Marvel games.


On July 25, 2015, RapidsLurker15, head of the Marvel Contest of Champions Wikia, contacted the head of the Future Fight Wikia, Yami Prem, with the prospect of a possible wiki alliance. Eventually, on August 27 of that year, the MGWA was created. On September 3, 2015, the Marvel Puzzle Quest Wiki joined after Binarypillbug, head of that wiki, was contacted by RapidsLurker15. After a wiki-wide vote, the Marvel Heroes Wiki joined on September 13.

List of Members

Wiki Color Game Joined Notes
Marvel Contest of Champions Wikia 0081EA Marvel: Contest of Champions August 27, 2015 Founding member
Future Fight Wikia 9370DB Marvel: Future Fight August 27, 2015 Founding member
Marvel Puzzle Quest Wiki B8860B Marvel Puzzle Quest September 3, 2015
Marvel Heroes Wiki 4B0082 Marvel Heroes September 13, 2015 First wiki to join after wiki-wide vote


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