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Masacre And The Mercs For Money is a Story Event.


Hey, wait! This quest is supposed to be about me! WHO IS THAT GUY?!

Shorthand Etymology

Masacre And The Mercs For Money

List of Quests

  • Chapter 1: I'm Serious, Who is This Guy?
    • MMM-1-1 Torneo de Mercenarios
    • MMM-1-2 Mala Suerte
  • Chapter 2: Why are all the Quest Names in Spanish
    • MMM-2-1 Piscina Muerta
    • MMM-2-2 Vengador por un Dia
  • Chapter 3: ANSWER ME!
    • MMM-3-1 Deadpoolganger
    • MMM-3-2 Toque de Midas



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