Mordo is a Mystic Champion. Being a Mystic Champion, he has a Class Bonus against Cosmic Champions, but is weak to Science Champions.


An advanced student of the mystic arts and fellow pupil of The Ancient One, Karl Mordo saw the potential in the fledgling apprentice Stephen Strange and took him under his wing when the one-time neurosurgeon first sought healing. Like Strange, Mordo came to Kamar-Taj lost and broken. The Ancient One helped channel Mordo's anger and lead him down the path to enlightenment. While Mordo sees a bit of himself in Strange, his reason for vetting him is much shrewder — in the fight against unknowable darkness, Kamar-Taj needs all the help it can muster.


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  • Passive: Mordo's astral form ensures that every ability properly activates, resisting against Ability Accuracy effects.
  • Passive: Every 8 seconds, Mordo gets one bar of Power over 5 seconds. While the Power Gain is active, opponents can interrupt it by landing a hit on Mordo.
  • When Stunned: Even while Stunned, Mordo's astral form senses incoming non-Special Attacks and quickly counter-attacks, inflicting Degeneration for X of your Attack as Direct Damage over 2.5 seconds.
Tier Attack
  • Blocking: After holding Block for 0.5 seconds, Mordo can Block Unblockable Special Attacks.
  • Heavy Attacks: Mordo gains X% of max Power per second while below 1 Power bar.
Tier  % Power
  • Heavy Attacks: Exponentially gains up to 10 Fury stacks while charging a Heavy Attack, each charge increases his Attack by X.
Tier Attack

Signature Ability

  • Mystical Barrier
    • By conjuring a mystical barrier, Mordo Blocks more incoming Energy Damage.

  • Mystical Barrier
    • By conjuring a magical barrier, Mordo's Resists X% of any Energy Damage attacks and debuffs.
Tier (Level)  % Damage
TierStarTierStarTierStar (1)-
TierStarTierStarTierStarTierStar (8)-
TierStarTierStarTierStarTierStarTierStar (20)-

Special Attacks

  • Energy Blast
    • Mordo launches an energy blast designed to use the attacker's energy against themselves.
Tier  % Chance/Stun Time (sec)
Tier Attack
  • Astral Strike
    • Combining martial arts and black magic, Mordo strikes his opponent, causing them to momentarily have an out of body experience.
      • Opponents suffer from Mordo's Soul Barb spell for 14 seconds, dealing X% of your Attack per opponent Buff as Energy Damage per second. Additionally, Soul Barb reduces Health recovery by 70%.
Tier Attack
  • Mirror Dimension
    • Upon entering the Mirror Realm, Mordo is able to access all of his powers, shaping reality and catching the opponent off-guard right before the tendrils of an unidentified transdimensional beast drags them into a nightmare.
      • Gains 3 stacks of Fury, each increasing his Attack by X% for 12 seconds.
      • Up to 40% chance based on Health lost to Regen instead of gaining a Fury stack, Recovering X% Health in 6 seconds.
Tier Attack Increase
Tier Health Recovered

Strengths and Weaknesses



  • Mordo relies on Stuns to be able to charge Heavy Attacks to get Power and Fury stacks. While fighting an opponent on a Stun Immunity node, not being able to use Parry or his first Special Attack to stun is a big disadvantage.[1]

Recommended Masteries

  • Enhanced Fury and Extended Fury: Mordo relies on his Fury effects on his Heavy Attacks and third Special Attack to do a lot of damage. Fury and Attack enhancing Masteries are a clear win for this Champion.[1]
  • Recovery: His third Special Attack has the chance to trigger Regeneration Buffs. Enhance it for maximum potential.[1]
  • Parry and Stupefy: Players need to charge Heavy Attacks in order to get Fury stacks and Power. Stunning the opponent makes it an easier task.[1]


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