Motivations is the first Quest in the second Chapter in the Story Event Polar Opposites.

It is preceded by Borrowed Power and succeeded by The Other Side.



"Summoner! Stay your hand. I know why you're here--the Collector seeks to stop me. But we needn't come to blows again just yet. I am a man of words as much as action. Travel with me, and let me show you my side of things; why I am doing what I do."


"I'm sure you have seen much conflict here in a short time, Summoner. Many of us--not just the mutants, but all Champions--have seen a lifetime of it. But we fight for what we must. The mutants, and I, have another battle to wage back in our homes. One that cannot be properly fought if we are trapped here! I do not run rampant in this place for pleasure, I am not so base in my desires. I simply want to deliver the freedom my brethren deserve."


"Hmm, now here's a familiar face."
"Well if it ain't mag-fingers himself. Looks like you can't resist crossin' my path anywhere, can you?"
"I have no quarrel with you, Logan. Not today. Why not work with me and the Summoner?"
"Fat chance, bub. If you think I'll fall for that, yer stupider than that helmet makes you look! Bring it on!"
Magneto and Wolverine[src]


Item Quantity
Tier 3 Basic ISO-8 2
Units 15
Premium Hero Crystal Shard 250

Item Quantity
Tier 3 Basic ISO-8 2
Units 20
4-Star Crystal Shard 10


Polar Opposites
Chapter Quests
Wisdom 1. An Unlikely Ally
2. Borrowed Power
Power 1. Motivations
2. The Other Side
Courage 1. Magnetic Mastery
2. A Coalition
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