"Mutants—hated and feared alike by humans, because of their one constant trait: Immense and curious power! I hope you are prepared to handle them, Summoner. Many more will be joining my collection!"
The Collector[src]

Mutant is one of six Champion Classes. It has a Class Bonus to Skill, but is weak to Tech and Combined.


Characters in the Mutant class possess the X-gene. At some point in their life, the gene surfaced, and a genetic mutation was born.

Class Bonus

List of Mutant Champions

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Mutant List of Mutant Champions Mutant

Playable: ArchangelBeastBishopCableColossusCyclops (Blue Team) ● Deadpool (X-ForceGoldpool) ● DominoEmma FrostGambitHavokIcemanMagneto (Marvel NOW!) ● Mister SinisterOmega RedNightcrawlerOld Man LoganRogueSabretoothStormPsylockeWolverine (X-23)
Not playable: AdaptoidCyverineDeadpooloidIce PhoenixNightcarnageSymbioidUltron DroneWolverine (Weapon X)
Upcoming: None