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Mystery in the Microrealms is the second Story Event tat started on July 8, 2015. It was re-released as the second Back Issue on April 10, 2019.


Ant-Man has found a strange disturbance in The Contest and needs your help to uncover the reason behind it!

Back Issue
Relive Ant-Man's first journey into the Micro-Realms!

List of Quests


Item Quantity
Stony Mastery Core 1
Pym Canister 10

Item Quantity
Tier 1 Alpha Catalyst 1
Pym Canister 10


  • This Story Event debuted Pym Canisters and "micro-arenas".
  • Unlike the Story Quests and the other Story Events, this Story Event's story was not written by Sam Humphries. Instead, it was written by "our buddy, Don".[2]


Mystery in the Microrealms
Chapter Quests
A Tiny Issue 1. Summoner's Call
2. A Strange Secret
3. The Ant-Man Plan
Enter Yellowjacket 1. The Microrealms
2. Adaptoid Scramble
3. Arthropod Attack
A Big Problem 1. Buried Deep
2. ISO Intrigue
3. Bug Brawl