Prepared for Anything is an ability.


This ability grants the Champion the following benefits when active:

  • Before the fight, choose up to 3 unique Debuffs to place on the Opponent at the start of the next fight. Each Debuff costs 1 Persistent Charge.
  • Mister Fantastic starts with 2 Persistent Charge(s), and can have up to 5. When Mr. Fantastic finishes a fight, he gains 1 Persistent Charge for each unique Debuff on the Opponent.
  • These Debuffs each last 12 second(s), and are refreshed when the Opponent is knocked down.
  • The Debuffs are applied even if a different Champion enters the fight.
  • Debuff potency scales with the rarity of Mr. Fantastic. If different versions of a Debuff are applied, only the strongest one triggers.

Pre-Fight Debuffs

  • Petrify the Opponent, reducing the effectiveness of their Regeneration and Power Gain effects by 35%.
  • Suppress the Opponent, decreasing their Defensive Power Rate by 22%.
  • Debuff Siphon the Opponent, increasing the potency of Damage over Time Debuffs on them by 22%, and reducing the potency of those effects on allies by the same amount. This does not affect abilities that trigger at the start of the fight.

List of Champions with Prepared for Anything


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