The Proving Grounds is a Daily Quest. It runs every day, but refreshes every day. Here, you can fight to get basic Catalysts; Tier 1 Catalysts for Easy, Tier 2 Catalysts for Medium, Tier 3 Catalysts for Hard, and Tier 4 Catalysts for Expert.



"Choose your path, Summoner. Complete the path with the harder foes to increase your chance of earning a Catalyst."
The Collector[src]


Upon completing the Quest:

Item Quantity
Tier 1 Basic ISO-8 1
Tier 1 Basic Catalyst 1
XP 100

Upon exploring the Quest 100%:

Item Quantity
Tier 1 Basic ISO-8 3
Tier 1 Basic Catalyst 1
XP 200


Daily Quests

Current: Mutant Mayhem Mutant.png
Sunday: Grandmaster Free-For-All ● Monday: Mutant Mayhem ● Tuesday: Skill Strike ● Wednesday: Science Slaughter ● Thursday: Mystical Turbulence ● Friday: Cosmic Conflict ● Saturday: Tech AttackProving Grounds

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