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"They're criminals and murderers--they're not here to fail. They're here... TO BE PUNISHED!"
—Punisher 2099 to The Grandmaster[src]

Punisher 2099 is a comic book character who made his debut in issue #2. He serves as the Summoner of the Yellow Team.


The Contest's First Phase


Following the deaths of Moon-Boy, Agent of Hydra and Devil Hydrasaur, The Grandmaster only holds a pitiful slice of the Iso-Sphere. The immortal notes that he is the greatest game-player in all creation, and that he has been playing such contests since the stars were young. When the immortal asks why he is losing to The Collector, Punisher 2099 points out that The Grandmaster's rules say that The Collector can pick ringers to help his team, and that he has picked some good ones.

When The Grandmaster asks if Punisher 2099 can't pick ringers, Punisher 2099 reminds the immortal of an oath he once swore to never again tamper with his home reality, and to break that oath risks disqualification. With this, Punisher 2099 tells The Grandmaster that they need to remind the Yellow Team that failure isn't an option, and that they are not here to fail — they are here to be punished.[1]

The Contest's Third Phase


Following the Yellow Team's defeat in The Contest's Second Phase, The Grandmaster requests a six-on-six death match (with no ringers). Punisher 2099 notes that The Collector has gotten cocky, since he accepted, and that now he no longer has his collection to fall back on; Punisher 2099 then tells the five members of the Yellow Team (Bullseye, Joe Fixit, Madame Hydra, Sentry, and Venom) to murder every member of the Red Team.

When Sentry says that he didn't sign up for murder, Venom reminds him that they were all kidnapped. Punisher 2099 tells the Yellow Team that both he and Maestro, the Red Team's Summoner, will both be playing, so the Yellow Team should kill Maestro as well. Madame Hydra says that Maestro isn't the one who dragged them in, and asks Punisher 2099 what will stop them from taking revenge on him. Punisher 2099 tells them to try, since he will enjoy it; Punisher 2099 then tells them that he will set up an ambush point on the perimeter, and the Yellow Team is the bait. Madame Hydra then shouts that Punisher 2099 is a dead man.[2]


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