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Recon is an ability exclusive to Falcon. Recon allows Falcon, with the help of Redwing, Lock On to his opponents after scanning them. This allows Falcon to bypass his enemy's abilities while he's launching attacks for a short while. Any enemy that triggers effects like Regeneration, Armor Up, or Static Shock as a result of being struck won’t be able to do so at all while Redwing is Locked On.[1] To begin a Recon Scan, Dodge back and hold Block for 2 seconds. While Locked On, the opponent’s Defensive Ability Accuracy[2] is reduced by 100% for 10 seconds. Redwing remains Locked On to Science Champions for 20% longer than normal. Additionally, Redwing remains Locked On to Mutant Champions for 20% shorter than normal. Lock On is a passive effect and does not trigger Willpower and other abilities that trigger from debuffs.[3]

List of Champions with Recon


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