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A reskin is a fan-made term for Champions who possess the moveset of another Champion. More often than not, the term "reskin" refers to Champions who are alternate playable versions of other Champions.

List of Reskins

Champion Reskin
Captain America Science Captain America (WWII) Science
Captain Marvel (Classic) Cosmic Ms. Marvel Cosmic
Colossus Mutant Unstoppable Colossus Mystic
Cyclops (New Xavier School) Mutant Cyclops (Blue Team) Mutant
Daredevil (Classic) Skill Daredevil (Netflix) Skill
Deadpool Mutant Deadpool (X-Force) Mutant
Goldpool Mutant
Iron Man Tech Superior Iron Man Cosmic
Magneto Mutant Magneto (Marvel NOW!) Mutant
Punisher Skill Winter Soldier Skill
Ronan Cosmic Thor Cosmic
Spider-Man (Classic) Science Spider-Man (Symbiote) Cosmic
Vision Tech Vision (Age of Ultron) Tech
Wolverine Mutant Old Man Logan Mutant
Wolverine (Weapon X) Mutant


  • Despite Juggernaut and Unstoppable Colossus having the same abilities, many players consider Juggernaut to be inferior since Unstoppable Colossus has everything Juggernaut has, plus Bleed Immunity.
  • Many players have found that the rate of reskin Champions increases when Kabam developers are busy creating new characters.
  • Currently, the most recently released reskin Champion is Old Man Logan, who was released on February 4, 2016.[1]


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