Science is one of six Champion Classes. It has a Class Bonus against Mystic, but is weak to Skill and Combined.


Many characters in the Science class were genetically altered, often in freak accidents. However, some characters are instead unaltered but rely on science to fight.

Class Bonus

  • The high base attributes of Science Champions cannot be nullified or purged by Mystic Champions.
  • Frequent Bleed damage from Skill Champions is effective against the high base attributes of Science Champions.
  • Science is also weak to the Combined Class, exclusive to Maestro.

List of Science Champions

See the associated category: Science.


Science List of Science Champions Science

Playable: AbominationAnt-ManCaptain America (Infinity WarWWII) ● ElectroHulk (Ragnarok) ● Human TorchInvisible WomanJoe FixitLuke CageMister FantasticM.O.D.O.K.QuakeRed HulkRhinoSentryShe-HulkSpider-GwenSpider-Man (Miles Morales) ● ThingVoidWaspYellowjacket
Not playable: AdaptoidDarren CrossDeadpooloidDoombotElectro LukeHuman Torch (Old)Jessica JonesSentineloidSpider-WitchSymbioidUltron Drone
Upcoming: None.

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