Senses are mode specific boosts that can only be used in the Sinister Labs. There are six senses to be obtained through the Sinister Labs Event Login Calendar and by completing certain Solo Objectives.

Icon Essence Buff Description
Sense - Tactile
Sense: Tactile When inflicted with any Shock, Coldsnap, Poison or Bleed effect, your Champion builds immunity to the effect over 9 seconds. This time is reduced to 3 seconds while playing as a Mutant.
Sense - Auditory
Sense: Auditory Incoming Special Attacks have a 20% chance to trigger an Evasion Passive, granting a 100% chance to Evade all incoming attacks for the duration of the Special Attack. The chance to trigger this Passive is increased to 50% while playing as a Mutant.
Sense - Olfactory
Sense: Olfactory All attacks have a 20% chance to deal True Damage, ignoring all of the Opponent's Armor. This chance increases to 50% while playing as a Mutant.
Sense - Visual
Sense: Visual While playing as a Mutant, attacks cannot Miss.
Sense - Gustatory
Sense: Gustatory When the Opponent is inflicted with a damaging Debuff, your Champion gains a Regeneration Buff, granting 5% of their missing health over 4 seconds.
Sense - Rage
Sense: Rage When playing as a Mutant, while at or below 20% max health, gain a Fury Passive granting 300% increased Base Attack.
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