"Aahh, our Skill Champions! Paragons of technique! No radiation, no mutation, no mystical amulets! Simply raw strength and dedication. Impressive, no?"
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Skill is one of six Champion Classes. It has a Class Bonus against Science, but is weak to Mutant and Combined.


Characters in the Skill class are trained fighters. These characters don't rely on powers to win fights.

Class Bonus

  • Frequent Bleed damage from Skill Champions is effective against the high base attributes of Science Champions.
  • Regenerative abilities common to Mutant Champions are effective against the Bleeding inflicted by Skill Champions.
  • Skill is also weak to the Combined Class.

List of Skill Champions

See the associated category: Skill.


Skill List of Skill Champions Skill

Playable: Agent VenomÆgonBlack Panther (Civil War) ● Black WidowBladeCrossbonesDaredevil (Netflix) ● ElektraFalconGwenpoolHawkeyeKarnakKillmongerKingpinKorgMasacreMoon KnightNight ThrasherPunisherTaskmasterThor (Ragnarok)Winter Soldier
Not playable: AdaptoidDeadpooloidFrank StrangePunishing AngelSymbioidUltron Drone
Upcoming: None