A Champion's Special Attacks are three powerful attacks that most Champions have access to. A Special Attack can only be used once a Champion has gained enough Power to do so (Power is gained from taking and dishing out damage); once enough Power has been acquired, the Special Attack signal will glow a certain color, depending on which Special Attack it is (Green for Special Attack 1, Yellow for Special Attack 2, Red for Special Attack 3).

Tier 3, 4, and 5 Champions have access to Special Attack 3 instantly, while Tier 2 Champions only have access to it upon reaching Rank 3. Tier 1 Champions do not have Special Attack 3 at all, and instead unlock Special Attack 2 upon reaching Rank 2.

Tier 5 Champions have a minigame on their third Special Attack that, if done successfully, will lead to more damage.


Gameplay Terminology

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