Special Events are Event Quests that are special.

List of Special Events

Special Event Wiki Shorthand Started Ended Summary
Realm of Legends ROL December 10, 2014 Permanent content Summoner, do you have what it takes?
Road to the Labyrinth RTL Around August 2016 Permanent content A mysterious gateway has openend in the Battlerealm. Can you tread the dangerous Road to the Labyrinth and prove yourself?
Labyrinth of Legends LOL Around August 2016[1] [2] Permanent content A challenge beyond any other. To succeed would be truly legendary.
Abyss of Legends AOL January 22, 2020[3] Permanent content Where hope goes to die.
Love is a Battlerealm  Around February 14, 2015 Even The Collector isn't above a little romance. A battle for the heart, and grand rewards, lies within!
Coulson's Champion Challenge  CCC December 10, 2015[4] January 4, 2016[4] Director Coulson has issued a challenge to all Summoners: Defeat his hand-picked teams, if you can!
Love is a Battlerealm  Around February 14, 2016 Even The Collector has a soft spot for romance. A battle for the heart lies within!
Chloe's Warriors of Awesomeness  WOA March 10, 2016[5] March 24, 2016[5] Chloe Bennet has set up an awesome challenge for you, fielded by her hand-picked Champions. Prove yourself in this series of escalating battles!
A Summoner's Path ASP Around March 2016 Hone your skills! The Collector has an instructor to run you through your paces and keep you sharp for the Contest!
Wolverine (X-23) Showcase  WXS March 17, 2016 March 19, 2016 A new Champion joins The Contest! Test their abilities against your own!
Ms. Marvel Showcase  MMS March 30, 2016 April 1, 2016 Test their abilities against your own! There are no rewards for this battle, with the exception of knowledge!
Agent Venom Showcase  AVS April 14, 2016 April 16, 2016 Test their abilities against your own! There are no rewards for this battle, with the exception of knowledge!
Green Guardians  GGD April 24, 2016[6] Someone's polluting the Battlerealm! Help Groot get to the root of the problem!
Ming-Na's Cavalry Challenge  MCC August 11, 2016 August 25, 2016 Ming-Na challenges you with her hand-picked team of mighty Champions. Time to take action!
Chloe's Warriors of Awesomeness 2  WAR September 20, 2016[7] October 18, 2016[7] Chloe Bennet has set up an awesome challenge for you, fielded by her hand-picked Champions once again. Prove yourself in this series of escalating battles!
(Power Pack)Red Quest  PPR December 6, 2016[8] The Collector has seen fit to reward your generosity with an exclusive quest! (iOS Exclusive deal to raise money to eradicate aids.)
Lunar New Year  LNY January 24, 2017 February 6, 2017 The Collector has opened up a new quest series to celebrate the Lunar New Year. Collect your Red Pocket Crystals and Red Pocket Tickets by playing these quests!
Dave Bautista's Cosmic Challenge  DBA April 6, 2017[9] May 4, 2017[9] Do you think your team has what it takes to beat Dave Bautista's hand-picked Galactic Warriors from Guardians of the Galaxy? Prove your worth!
Rocket's Workshop  RSW May 3, 2017[10] June 7, 2017[10] Bring your Scrap here and shop for special rewards!
Web-Slinger Challenge  WSC July 12, 2017[11] August 9, 2017[11] Were you born to beat the fearless Champions of the Web-Slinger Challenge? Time to prove it!
Boss Rush: A Duel with the Devil  BRD October 18, 2017[12] November 1, 2017[12] Abandon hope all ye who enter here.
Grandmaster Goldblum's Challenge  GGC October 19, 2017[13] November 16, 2017[13] Do you have what it takes to outwit one of the timeless Elders of the Universe? Bring it on!
Boss Rush: Underdogs Unleashed  BRU January 17, 2018[14] January 31, 2018[14] Test your might against these 6-Star foes!
Michael B. Jordan's Challenge  MBJ January 25, 2018[15] February 21, 2018[15] It requires the ambition of Erik Killmonger to face Michael B. Jordan's Challenge! Are you capable of going above and beyond to overcome it?
Women of Power  WOP March 8, 2018[16] March 8, 2018[16] Do you have what it takes to battle the toughest women in The Contest? Bring it on!
Boss Rush: Community's Choice  BRC March 21, 2018[17] April 4, 2018[17] Try these 6 fights crafted by some of our content creators!
Chadwick And Tom's Champion Challenge  CTC April 19, 2018[18] May 17, 2018[18] Avengers require your urgent attention to this Challenge. Awaken the super hero in you!
Evangeline Lilly's Champion Challenge  ELC June 20, 2018[19] July 18, 2018[19] Duke it out in this Molecular Melee with a team chosen by Evangeline Lilly!
Gwenpool Goes to the Movies  GGM August 1, 2018[20] September 5, 2018[20] Celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the Marvel Cinematic Universe with new quests and rewards each week.
The Champion's Clash  TCC November 28, 2018[21] December 12, 2018[21] The Champion is seeking the strongest contender in The Battlerealm.Could it be you?
Maze  MZE December 19, 2018[22] January 9, 2019[22] A temporary challenge has appeared! Will you be able to navigate the Maze before your Champions, or the timer, expires?
Love is a Battlerealm 3: Heartbreak Hotel  LB3 February 13, 2019[23] March 6, 2019[23] Love is in the air and Deadpool is up to something. Help him in his suspicious quest to win over Domino!
Captain Marvel's Combat Clash CMC February 13, 2019[24] March 6, 2019[24] Captain Marvel is looking to find the strongest Summoners in The Contest to combat a hidden alien menace. Can you measure up?
Nick Fury's Recon Initiative NRI March 6, 2019[25] April 3, 2019[25] Assemble your team each week and gather intel for S.H.I.E.L.D.
Boss Rush: Pool's Gambit BRP April 3, 2019[26] April 17, 2019[26] Take on these 6 fights designed and built by... Deadpool. God help us.
Last Stand: Quest for the Stones LSQ April 24, 2019[27] June 5, 2019[27] Add Original Avengers to your team and collect powerful Infinity Stones to use during Avengers Last Stand.
Last Stand: Save the Battlerealm LSB April 24, 2019[28] June 5, 2019[28] Use your Infinity Stones to take down the Army of Thanos.
Spider-Man: Class Trip SCT July 3, 2019[29] August 7, 2019[29] Enter with Permission Slips to earn rewards and S.H.I.E.L.D. Markers!
Time After Time TAT September 4, 2019[30] October 2, 2019[30] Adventure through 80 years of Marvel as Cable and Bishop team up to thwart Kang's tyrannical time capers!
Boss Rush: Community's Choice 2  BR2 September 18, 2019[31] October 2, 2019[31] Try these 6 fights crafted by some of our content creators!
Hall of Heroes  HOH December 10, 2019[32] January 8, 2020[32] Earn Potions and Gold while taking on the many Champions of The Battlerealm!
Lunar New Year  LNY January 24, 2020[33] February 7, 2020[33] The Collector has opened up a new quest series to celebrate the Lunar New Year. Collect your Red Envelopes and Red Envelope Tickets by playing these quests!
Love is a Battlerealm 3 II  LB3II February 12, 2020[34] March 4, 2020[34] The sequel you never knew you wanted, and are still on the fence about. Help Deadpool in his annual quest for compassion!
Mole Man Expeditions  MME March 4, 2020[35] April 1, 2020[35] Search Mole Man's subterranean lairs for hidden treasures and treacherous foes!
Boss Rush: International Women's Day  BRW March 8, 2020[36] March 22, 2020 Test your skill against these custom fights crafted by our Content Creators!
Halls of Healing: April Pool 2: Pym Particle Pool Party  HAP April 1, 2020[37] April 4, 2020[37] Science gone wrong, pranks gone right.
Barons' War  BAW April 1, 2020[38] April 29, 2020[38] Barons' War is the collective name of 8 different Special Quests.
Backstage Brawls BSB Around April 2020 ? The Collector has issued you a challenge. Do you think you have what it takes to defeat it?
Red Room Ops  RRO April 29, 2020[39] June 3, 2020[39] Use your Keycards to gather important Intel.
Red Rift  RRF April 29, 2020[39] June 3, 2020[39] Use Rift Detectors to enter this rift and earn randomized rewards! Bring along a Chronometer and choose your own Reward!
Northern Expeditions  NEX July 1, 2020[40] August 5, 2020[40] Search the Great White North for the ever elusive Sasquatch!
Summer Smackdown  SSD July 29, 2020[41] September 23, 2020[41] Summoner Smackdown is the collective name for 6 Boss Rushes.
Mutant Treasure Island  MTI September 2, 2020[42] October 7, 2020[42] Set sail for Mutant mayhem!


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