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Star-Lord portrait.png Star-Lord
Abilities and Stats
In the Story

Star-Lord is a Tech Champion. Being a Tech Champion, he has a Class Bonus against Mutant Champions, but is weak to Cosmic Champions.


Hey, what's going on? Oh, you're on Earth? Wow, bummer city. I mean, I grew up on Earth, it's cool and all,, man, is the place. I got ships, I got my Element Gun, I got the babes...I rule. Down there, I was a loser. Up here, I am the Legendary Star-Lord!


Note: This section is incomplete. If you have the stats for Star-Lord at Rank 1 Level 1, or the stats for his Signature Ability at Level 1, 8, or 20, please add them below. The Marvel Contest of Champions Wikia appreciates.
  • All Attacks: X% chance for Fury, increasing your Attack Rating by X% for X seconds.
Tier % Chance/Fury % ATK Increase Time (sec)
TierStar.pngTierStar.png 9 27 4.25
TierStar.pngTierStar.pngTierStar.png 10 39 4.75
TierStar.pngTierStar.pngTierStar.pngTierStar.png 10 45 5
TierStar.pngTierStar.pngTierStar.pngTierStar.pngTierStar.png - - -
  • Passive:
    • FIRE: Breaks the opponent's Armor, reducing Armor by X% for 8 seconds.
    • AIR: Shocks the opponent, dealing X% of your Attack as direct damage over 6 seconds. Shocks ignore Physical Resistance, but not Armor or Energy Resistance.
    • WATER: Drains up to X% of the opponent's max Power.
    • EARTH: Places Heal Block on the opponent, stopping all healing effects for X seconds.
Tier % Armor Reduction
TierStar.pngTierStar.png 19
TierStar.pngTierStar.pngTierStar.png 22
TierStar.pngTierStar.pngTierStar.pngTierStar.png 24
TierStar.pngTierStar.pngTierStar.pngTierStar.pngTierStar.png -
Tier % Damage
TierStar.pngTierStar.png 51
TierStar.pngTierStar.pngTierStar.png 69
TierStar.pngTierStar.pngTierStar.pngTierStar.png 105
TierStar.pngTierStar.pngTierStar.pngTierStar.pngTierStar.png -
Tier % Power Burned
TierStar.pngTierStar.png 29
TierStar.pngTierStar.pngTierStar.png 34
TierStar.pngTierStar.pngTierStar.pngTierStar.png 38
TierStar.pngTierStar.pngTierStar.pngTierStar.pngTierStar.png -
Tier Time (sec)
TierStar.pngTierStar.png 8
TierStar.pngTierStar.pngTierStar.png 8.5
TierStar.pngTierStar.pngTierStar.pngTierStar.png 9
TierStar.pngTierStar.pngTierStar.pngTierStar.pngTierStar.png -

Signature Ability

  • Tactician
    • Passive: As blows are exchanged, Star-Lord familiarizes himself with opponents' techniques, increasing Attack by up to X% with every ten of his Combo hits and Block Proficiency by up to X% with every ten of theirs.
Tier (Level) % ATK Increase % BP Increase
TierStar.pngTierStar.png (1) - -
TierStar.pngTierStar.pngTierStar.png (8) 33.6 20
TierStar.pngTierStar.pngTierStar.pngTierStar.png (20) 100 4
TierStar.pngTierStar.pngTierStar.pngTierStar.pngTierStar.png (20) - -

Special Attacks

  • Rocket Kick
    • What makes a kick to the face better? Rockets, and a little pelvic sorcery.
      • Deals X% bonus damage when striking a charging enemy.
Tier % More Damage
TierStar.pngTierStar.png 20
TierStar.pngTierStar.pngTierStar.png 20
TierStar.pngTierStar.pngTierStar.pngTierStar.png 20
TierStar.pngTierStar.pngTierStar.pngTierStar.pngTierStar.png -
  • Element Gun
    • Star-Lord fires a shot from his Element Gun, but not before smacking his opponent in the face.
      • Star-Lord's Element Gun selects one element at random each time it fires. Each element has a different effect when it strikes the opponent.
  • Heroic Blast
    • With heroism like this, soon everyone in the galaxy will know the name "Star-Lord".
      • Star-Lord's Element Gun selects one element at random each time it fires. Each element has a different effect when it strikes the opponent.


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