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The Summoner is a person who was summoned by the Collector to participate in the Contest of Champions, and has the ability to take control and fight with Champions. They are represented as an entity in a generic spacesuit, with their race, gender and age unknown. The Summoner plays a central role in the story, defeating the many threats that plague the Contest, and is considered one of the most capable fighters in the Battlerealm.

In the Story

Joining the Contest

A powerless being only known as the Summoner was one of the three original contestants in the Contest. They were first summoned to the Ghost Orchid by the Collector, and faced their opponent Kang the Conqueror in a battle for the ISO-Sphere. As their clashes ensued, villains including Thanos entered the Contest, and in a bid to learn the identity of the benefactor, the Summoner allied themself with the Mad Titan to defeat Kang. As the Maestro revealed himself to the two, the Summoner was then pitted against Thanos, eventually defeating him and having him trapped by the Collector in a crystal.

Rebellion and Civil War

After Thanos’ defeat, Ant-Man passed a vague warning to the Collector and the Summoner of the Maestro’s sinister plot to create a powerful artifact using ISO-8, and they began organizing a secret rebellion against the Maestro. Maestro himself returned to the Contest and played along with the Collector's attempts to hide his betrayal, until he revealed that he knew the whole time and was observing from a distance. In a final bout against Maestro, the Collector had Guillotine free Thanos from his crystal, and the Summoner fought Maestro to stall for time. The Maestro revealed the artifact to be the Genesis Stone, and used it to incapacitate the Collector, before he was taken out by Thanos, who claimed the stone for himself.

As a Cosmic Civil War waged on between the factions of Captain America and Iron Man after Maestro's defeat, the Summoner chose a side, but later joined forces with Falcon and Black Panther to locate the reclusive Civil Warrior. Both leaders were subsequently taken down by the alternate version of Steve Rogers, and imprisoned by the Collector. The Summoner also joined forces with the X-Men and defeated the Dark Phoenix, but were met with the arrival of Thanos, who incapacitated Karnak and claimed his second Infinity Stone, the newly-born Evolution Stone.

Elder's War

The Summoner was then recruited by the Collector to jumpstart ‘Phase 2’ of the Contest, but they were surprised by the arrival of the Grandmaster, who with the aid of Loki was claiming the Battlerealm for himself, instigating the Elder's War. The Grandmaster would sway many Champions, including the Summoner, to his side with false promises of freedom, and as the Collector desperately allied himself with criminals and mind controlled anyone who defied him, the Summoner defeated him in the Galactorum, ending the Collector's reign. The Grandmaster taunted him and took his ISO-Sphere, before encasing him in a crystal prison and assuming control of the Contest.

The Champions were forced to accustom to the Grandmaster’s reign, and the Summoner formed an alliance with Doctor Strange, Doctor Voodoo, Kang and Black Panther, among others, as they set to reassemble the Cornerstone against the Grandmaster’s will. The Grandmaster pitted Ultron against the Summoner, but the robot was defeated and the Grandmaster begrudgingly allowed the Cornerstone to be reconstructed. It was revealed that the Cornerstone was a crystallized person, in fact the Collector’s daughter Carina.

The Collector eventually freed himself from his prison, and sought the aid of Moon Knight and the Summoner in reclaiming Carina's heart from the recently returned Sentry. After their success, Carina’s body was reassembled and restored, albeit without her life spark.

Infinity War

Thanos eventually obtained all six Infinity Stones, and enslaved the Summoner under his control. The Summoner observed as Thanos seized power from Grandmaster’s ISO-Sphere, and was then freed from Thanos’ influence by Iron Man. They then joined the Avengers in a desperate plan to stop Thanos, and with Doctor Strange sacrificing himself to shut down half of Thanos’ stones, the Summoner was able to best him in battle.

Great Revival

In an attempt to regain the power lost during the Infinity War, the Grandmaster allied himself with the Champion, a fellow Elder of the Universe, and defeated a multitude of Champions to absorb their ISO-8. As this directly threatens Carina's existence, the Summoner joined the Collector and the Avengers in preparing Ægon, who defeated the Champion and provided the energy required to resurrect Carina. The Summoner then joined Carina in exploring the Battlerealm, and assisted her in defeating a Sentinel and then a Power Stone-infused Champion.

Not long after, Silver Surfer was summoned to the Battlerealm by Night Thrasher, and with assistance from the Summoner, Iron Man and Ant-Man managed to locate and rescue the Fantastic Four from their four corners of the Battlerealm. However, Mister Fantastic had sent out a signal to Galactus, calculating that his consumption of the Battlerealm would create an opening for the Champions to escape. A furious Grandmaster detained Richards and organized a trial to judge him of his crimes, and the Summoner joined the Fantastic Four in recruiting Carina to turn the tide. As Carina revealed the existence of civilizations on Battleworld, Richards pleaded guilty and was punished to stop the arrival of Galactus.

The Summoner then aided Carina, along with the Collector, Ægon and Captain Marvel, in earning the trust of more champions, eventually organizing a rebellion and defeating the Grandmaster in a final battle. They then watched as Carina then assumed control of the Contest, imprisoned both the Collector and the Grandmaster, and organized a new Council, which included the Summoner, to discuss the matters of the Battlerealm. During this period of time, the Summoner and his allies defeated other threats like Apocalypse, Knull, and the Heralds of Galactus.

The Union

Sometime later Carina discovered that the ISO-Sphere had been stolen, and recruited the Summoner, Guillotine and Ægon to track down the relic. They eventually found the thief: Gwenpool, who was abusing its power and bringing back M.O.D.O.K.'s anomalies to the Contest, then causing further chaos in the Battlerealm as Gwenmaster. The ISO-Sphere was reclaimed by Carina when the Summoner successfully defeated Gwenmaster. However, Kang, still seeking revenge against the Summoner for his initial defeat, took advantage of the rifts caused by Gwenpool, and used the power of the Paradox Engine to bring anomalies from multiple timelines into the Contest. Kang lured the Summoner to the Galactorum for a showdown and was defeated, and as a backup plan, he summoned Superior Kang to the Battlerealm. Unimpressed by Kang’s efforts, Superior Kang vaporized him, incapacitated the Summoner, and waged war against the Battlerealm. As the Summoner recovered, an unlikely alliance with Carina, Kang, Ægon, Guillotine and Gwenpool was formed to stop the threat, and the Summoner succeeded in defeating Superior Kang.

The Battlerealm was soon met with the arrival of Galactus, destroying the entirety of Hell’s Kitchen. The Summoner aided Captain America and Misty Knight in evacuating the population using the Safe Haven Helicarrier. He also participated in Grandmaster's mutant tournament, and fought the representatives of the mutant factions.



  • The Summoner is the main character of Marvel: Contest of Champions and represents the player.
  • They are referred to as 'the Summoner' throughout the game, regardless of their username.
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