Summoner's Call is the first Quest in the first Chapter in the Story Event Mystery in the Microrealms.

It is succeeded by A Strange Secret.



"Summoner, so glad you answered my calling. I have devised a new test for you, something I'm sure will enhance your capabilities. It may as well give you an edge in the contest, so I advise taking this as seriously as possible. Now, you will need to... blah-blah-blah, yak-yak-yak..."
"Hey, Summoner! Can you hear me? I hope so, I'm like practically inside your ear. Ignore this jerk for a minute, I need your help! Something weird is going on in the Battlerealm... weirder than normal, I mean! Oops--looks like he's finishing up! Pretend you were listening!"
"Agreed? Excellent! Then get to work, and you may just be rewarded for it."
"Nice. I'm an expert at pretending to pay attention too, I can always appreciate a fellow master. Let's do it!"
The Collector and Ant-Man[src]

"It's just ahead. You'll have to take my word for it for now, but I promise I'm for real! Oh. I guess I can change back to normal size, huh? Probably for the best, you need to clean out your ears!"

"You and your Champions are a heck of a team. Glad I'm not on the bad end of you guys! Good work in here. I'll see you in the next area! What do you mean, "why aren't you helping?" I'm the guide, pal! You can handle this chump!"


Mystery in the Microrealms
Chapter Quests
A Tiny Issue 1. Summoner's Call
2. A Strange Secret
3. The Ant-Man Plan
Enter Yellowjacket 1. The Microrealms
2. Adaptoid Scramble
3. Arthropod Attack
A Big Problem 1. Buried Deep
2. ISO Intrigue
3. Bug Brawl
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