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Summoners Showdown 2020 tile

The Summoner Showdown is a tournament where players can show their skills and become the champion of the contest. The first edition started in 2019[1] where 27 players competed in the tournament over 9 weeks. Each week a livestream was broadcasted with 3 players trying to get the best score in one of three challenges. The best player advances to the next round.

The second tournament started in 2020[2] where every player could compete, if they reached level 60 and had obtained the Cavalier Title. Again there are three challenges and the players are sorted in Regions (Americas, Europe and Russia, Asia and Oceania) The best player of the region of a challenge will advance to the next round.

The third edition followed a similar setup as 2020, but has some updates in the mode in the Semi-Finals and Finals.



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Winner: DTMelodicMetal


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Winner: Angerdanger (Asia & Oceania)


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Winner: HappyMcMuffins (Americas)