Surrender is the first Quest in the first Chapter of the first Act of the Story Quests.

It is succeeded by The Prize.



"All right Collector. This circus is over."
"Quite the contrary, flag man. The Contest will continue!"
"Me and my friends, we're going home. And we're taking you down with us."
"Is that so, flag man? Stand proud against the Contest... if you can!"
Captain America and The Collector[src]


"Captain, be warned! All of our friends and allies — they are immobile! Something about this realm... it saps our willpower!"
"Black Panther! Hang on!"
"My head... a ringing in my skull! Captain, I -- I SURRENDER TO THE CONTEST!"
Black Panther and Captain America[src]


"How satisfying, Captain America. You shall be my pawn!"
"I've faced bigger and... badder... than you, Kang!"
"Feeling weak, flag man? You cannot deny the Contest."
"No matter how you're pulling this off, Collector... it won't be enough!"
Kang the Conqueror, Captain America, and The Collector[src]


"I have broken The Captain's will, Kang. He is yours to control now."
"Summoner... I know you are Earth's last hope, but I am compelled to fight you. YOU MUST WIN!"
The Collector, Captain America, and Kang the Conqueror[src]



Story Quests
Act 1: The Contest
Chapter Quests
Challenge the Conqueror 1. Surrender
2. The Prize
3. Pursuit
4. Sneak Attack
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Adaptoid Ambush 1. Threats
2. Hostilities
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4. Rage
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Act 2: Escalation
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2. The Mad Titan
3. Evolution
4. Adaptation
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4. The Warning
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The Contest Reborn 1. Escalation
2. In Shadows
3. Warnings
4. The Automaton
5. The Tide
6. Whispers
Challenge Accepted 1. Benefactor
2. Purpose
3. Revealed
4. Two Maniacs
5. Nearer
6. Conquered
Act 3: End Game
Chapter Quests
Shadows Revealed 1. A New Foe
2. Introduction
3. Power Source
4. Transcended
5. Manipulator
6. Twisted
Mysterious Origins 1. The Doctor
2. The Captain
3. The Rocket
4. The Creator
5. The Original
6. The Automaton
The Purpose 1. Undefeated
2. Submission
3. Dominance
4. Defiance
5. Supercharged
6. Empty Threats
Thanos' Challenge 1. The Deal
2. Showdown
3. Intimidation
4. Impossible Odds
5. Fearless
6. Thanos Enters
Act 4: Rebellion
Chapter Quests
Meta-morphosis 1. Realm Reborn
2. A Little Help
3. Incognito
4. Symbioids
5. Dark Times
6. Trust
Evolution 1. Linked Might
2. The Guillotine Drops
3. Straight Outta Queens
4. Asgard's Champion
5. Dark Presence
6. Defiance
Revolution 1. Triumphant Return
2. Dark Omen
3. Threats
4. Inscrutable
5. Ace in the Hole
6. Stand Resolute
Devastation 1. Allegiances
2. Plan in Action
3. Dauntless
4. Known Unknowns
5. Surge of Power
6. Culmination