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This template calls a DPL function that generates a list of all Champions in the game. The list is presented in a wikitable with the following columns:

  • Championportrait thumbnail
  • Featured portrait thumbnail
  • Champion name (linked to the page)
  • Release Date
  • Class (with class icon)

The last three columns are sortable by clicking on the header for the column.

Under the Hood

Here is the DPL call, modified so it displays as seen in the editor:

category = Mutant|Tech|Cosmic|Mystic|Skill|Science|Combined
category = Champion
notcategory = Unplayable
include = {Infobox Champion}:%PAGE%:%PAGE%:%PAGE%:release date:class
table = class="wikitable sortable",-,class="unsortable"| ,class="unsortable"| ,Champion,data-sort-type="date"| Release Date,Class
tablerow = [[File:%% portrait.png|25px]],[[File:%% featured.png|25px]],[[%%]],{{#time: F j&#44; Y|{{Stripref|%%}}}},%%

Each of the lines after the opening tag (<dpl>) are explained below:

  1. Find all pages in Category:Mutant OR Category:Tech OR Category:Cosmic etc.
  2. AND they must be in Category:Champion
  3. but NOT in Category:Unplayable
  4. Include the following pieces of information from the {{Infobox Champion}} template on each page that matches the criteria above:
    • The name of the page, three times (used to add two images and the link)
    • The release date
    • The class
  5. Start a table with CSS classes "wikitable" and "sortable"
    1. Suppress the automatic generation of "Article" as the heading for the first column
    2. Make the first column unsortable, with no heading
    3. Make the second column unsortable, with no heading
    4. Third column heading is "Champion"
    5. Set the data-sort-type of the fourth column to "date" and make the heading "Release Date"
    6. Last column heading is "Class"
  6. Each row of the table consists of the following data items. "%%" is where the values specified on line 4 are substituted:
    1. Use the page name to form the File name of the champions portrait, setting it to 25px width.
    2. Use the page name to form the File name of the featured image, setting it to 25px width.
    3. Use the page name to make a link to the page.
    4. Strip off any <ref> tags using {{Stripref}} and format the date as "Month DD, YYYY" using the #time: function. (&#44; inserts the comma which would otherwise indicate the end of this data field.)
    5. Display the Class exactly like it is found in the template call.
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